Expensive VS. Inexpensive Makeup

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Do you ever wonder if the $45 bottle of foundation is really so much better than the $10 one? Because let’s be serious, no one wants to spend $45 on anything! So today I’m going to share with you guys when it’s okay to splurge on your makeup and when it’s okay to not splurge.

As you can see in my picture, I use products from many different companies. Some being pricier than others. This post is a little more opinion based than fact based and more on my own experiences with these products. I say this because every product works differently for everyone and everyone likes different results.

I’m going to tell you why I put products where I did and give examples as well! Let’s start with a couple small lists, you’ll notice that some things will be listed twice…don’t worry, I’ll explain!

                            Spend $$$                                                            Save $$$
 -Foundation                                                           -Mascara
-Eye Shadows                                                         -Eyeliner (liquid, gel, pencil)
-Contour Products                                                -Lip Liner/Lipstick
-Highlighters                                                         -Setting Sprays
-Concealer                                                              -Lip, Eye, Mascara Primer
-Brushes                                                                 -Concealer/Color Correcters
-Facial Primer                                                       -Sponges

I’m sure you’re happy to see that longer list is the one that you can save your money!


So as you probably noticed concealer and brushes are on both lists. I’ve used many drug store concealers before but none have worked as well for me and have been as comfortable as the name brand ones.

But because I have the darkest circles and bags on my under eyes, I need something with a better formula and better coverage. But the drug store ones worked really well when I just had a small mark to cover or a little pimple I was trying to hide.

So if you were blessed to not have dark circles then by all means don’t splurge unless you have too! Now, makeup brushes…I have so many of the same brush from so many different lines.

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I don’t use just one set for my makeup routine but for my foundation, concealer, contour, highlight, eye shadow, and eyebrow I use better quality brushes. For everything else, I use inexpensive ones, including sponges.

Brushes are something that I believe make a huge difference in the way your makeup turns out. My favorite line of brushes and the ones I use most are Morphe, Crown, and hakuho-do + Sephora.

I’ve noticed eye shadows and foundations just apply and blend better when they are from a higher end brand. I feel as though the eye shadows are more pigmented and there are more shades of foundation making it easier to find your match. I’ve also noticed that there are fewer breakout issues with foundation when you’re paying for better formula.

As far as contour and highlight, I have used both NYX which is about $20-$25 I believe and I just recently bought Shade and Light from Kat Von D which was about $46. So double the money for less shades. I must be crazy to like the more expensive one right?!

Well while the NYX one had more shades which is great because there is something there for everyone, I only ever used 3 shades. Now with Shade and Light, there are less shades but more product of the shades that are there.

So I’m still using only 3 shades, I have a lot more product to last me longer. Also, they are both powder products and I found Kat Von D’s blended better.

For mascaras, I have tried so many different mascaras it’s painful to think about how much I returned because I hated it. I returned ALL of the name brand, more expensive mascaras.

From TooFaced, Benefit, Smashbox, bareMinerals, and so much more. I found much better results with cheaper drug store mascaras. Like, Maybelline, NYC, and Rimmel. Which I find so bizarre.  But that’s just what works for me!


Primers, lip and eye primer I’ve noticed that both expensive and not work well for me. But for facial primers, I’ve had better results with the more expensive ones. I currently use the hydrating one form Makeup Forever and I love it! It’s meant be to universal meaning anyone can use it..I have oily skin and this doesn’t make me any more oily so I believe it when they say universal!


Setting sprays…I LOVE the matte setting spray from NYX. It’s 7 bucks and holds my makeup all day and night No scent and super light weight. I’ve tried Urban Decay, Gerard Cosmetics (got the peach smelling one and it smells awful), and Smashbox (smells awful as well to me).

I only loved the Urban Decay one but I didn’t love the price. Even the travel size one if $14 bucks. I always felt bad whenever I used it and would only use one or two spritz! With the NYX one I don’t feel bad using it as often as I’d like because of how affordable it is.

It does the same exact thing so for me, there’s no need to spend more than $7. (To be clear, all of the ones I tried worked really well as far as a setting spray goes. I’m just really picky about scents, making the NYX one that much better for me.)

Eyeliners, I only use liquid and I’ve never tried anything that cost more than ten bucks. Which is why I have it on the save list.

Brows, I have only used and tried Anastasia products and have loved them. That being said I never felt the need to try something else. Why fix something that ain’t broke, right? 😉

Blush and Lipstick, I have tried them all. From the $30 blush and lipstick to the $6 blush and lipstick. And I have to say…both are great. So why not save money where you can?

FullSizeRender (4)

Most of my lipsticks come from ColourPop and are $5-$6. I absolutely love their formulas…not to mention the price! Blush and lipstick is something I like to change everyday, so I’m so glad that I’m able to buy so many different shades without breaking my piggy bank!

I believe you just can’t beat quality when it comes to your makeup, brushes, and skin care. Which is why I am willing to spend a little extra on certain things. But again this is all based on my personal preference, not yours!

So please play around and try new things to see what you like! I hope this gave you a better idea of when to spend and when to save! Thanks so much for reading! Tell me some of your favorite products to splurge and save on!!

xoxo, Ticha!


Perfect Matte Lips Every time!

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As you guys can see, I have all different types of shades for lipstick. (That’s not even half of my collection…🙈) Almost all my lipsticks aside from one or two are MATTE lipsticks. So, if you’re anything like me, you understand the struggle of maintaining soft and moisturized lips while wearing matte lipstick. So today I will talk about how to achieve the perfect matte look while not looking like a big ol’ ball of crusty dryness.

This picture to the left is what sparked me to write about this, I had posted this to my Instagram and got so many compliments and questions on how I get my lipstick to look like this! By the way, I am wearing Damned by Kat Von D. I tend to gravitate to darker shades, I feel odd and not myself when I’m not wearing something dark on my lips.

Okay, so now to actually talk about achieving the perfect look. You need to start by exfoliating your lips and using a lip balm or chap stick regularly. And I mean regularly! I probably exfoliate my lips 3-4 times a week or anytime I’m wearing lipstick and I use chap stick or Vaseline on my lips every single day, all day long. I have naturally very chapped and dry lips so exfoliating is a must!! There are a few ways you exfoliate your lips, I’ve used them all and loved the results from each way.

You can use your wet tooth brush and just lightly brush off all the dead skin on your lips. Or you can use a wet wash cloth and do the same. There are also lip scrubs you can buy and just use a little on your lips and rub it in a circular motion to get off the dead skin. But my favorite way is lip scrub, BUT it is in the form of a lipstick! It works so so well and makes my lips feel sooo soft afterwards! I get it from E.L.F. and it is $3 bucks which is even better. A lot of lip scrubs can cost $10 plus, you can’t go wrong with a product that’s $3 and works well! I love this product because I feel like it really gets all of my dryness off my lips. The fact that it is in a lipstick tube and shaped like your traditional lipstick tube makes it easier to use and hold. Plus it smells so good and it really leaves my lips feeling moisturized. Just be careful to not over do it and make your lips bleed. If you do it’s okay, I’ve done it so many times but then I just leave that area alone and make sure to really moisturize.

Once you exfoliate your lips use a chap stick that isn’t super wet feeling.I like to use the original Burt’s Bees chap stick or the peppermint one from ChapStick when I’m wearing matte lipstick. This is because I need my lips to be moisturized but the waxy texture keeps the surface of my lips dry. When you apply matte lipstick (especially liquid matte) you want your lips to be dry so that the lipstick will dry into matte or will stay matte. If it’s too wet it won’t dry and turn matte. Liquid lipstick is my favorite to use and makes up 90% of my lipsticks, so I am always using my peppermint ChapStick under and even over my lipstick when I need to add some moisture without ruining my matte look. But when I’m ready for bed I use the Coconut Vaseline because it’s thick enough to stay on my lips overnight and help me keep the moisture.

But before you can apply your lipstick you NEED to use a lip primer and a lip liner. The primer really makes a difference believe it or not. The primer ensures you to have even texture all around your lips for even application. Once you’ve done that it is now lip liner time! Now you don’t need to have the same matching pencil for every single shade of lipstick you own. For your lighter shades and more neutral shades just buy a liner that is closest to you natural lip color. The times you want to get a pencil to match your lipstick is when you’re going bold. So reds, plums, browns, anything dark really. Lip liners help keep your color from running or feathering off your lips as your day goes on. I’ve noticed the darker the shade the easier it is to feather off my lips. So please, use a lip liner! It keeps your lipstick on your lips and not on your face. It helps create your perfect lip!

So now that you have exfoliated, moisturized, primed, and lined…NOW you’re ready to apply your lipstick ever so perfectly and ready to look fabulous. 💋

I follow these steps every single time and rarely ever have to reapply my lipstick! And that’s saying something because I have gone 8 hour shifts, eating and drinking quickly on break, and working in a wing restaurant. If it can work for me, it’ll work for you guys! I hope this was helpful for you guys! Thank you for reading!

xoxo, Ticha!

Brush Cleaning 101 !



Hi everyone! Today will be all about your makeup brushes. Cleaning your makeup brushes that is. I bet many of you haven’t cleaned your brushes before or haven’t in quite some time. I know it’s been awhile since I’ve cleaned mine! I’m going to tell you the simple ways to clean them and why it is so important!

You want flawless application and perfect makeup right?! Who doesn’t?? Well in order to have that you need to have a clean canvas, your face! Your brushes (sponges too) can hold so much bacteria in them! That being said, you end up putting bacteria onto your skin causing acne and so many more skin issues. Your pores can clog up, your skin could get irritated, and your makeup could look worse. That’s just to name a few things we DON’T want! No one wants that! This is why it is so important to wash your brushes often!

Now, the skin pros say that you’re supposed to wash your brushes after every application…but let’s be serious, who has time for that? I sure don’t. Unless you are using your brushes on other people then PLEASE wash them after every single use! So trying to be realistic, try to wash them at least once a week or every other week. If you can’t do  that, try once a month to just get into the habit then slowly start doing it more and more. Trust me, it’s worth it! But, I understand how lazy we can be or how busy we can be. But we have to remember to take care of our skin!

For those days that I need a quick clean I have found these wondrous little cleaning wipes from Sephora, shown in my picture above! I ordered them online for $7 bucks on sale months ago and I just checked, it’s still on sale for $7! Yet another great inexpensive find! Now I’ve only seen these online and never in the actual store. These are so great for in between deep cleaning because it is a milk cleanser that will remove most makeup. What I love most about these little things is that it allows my brushes to dry quickly so I could use them again the next day or for a touch up.

For the deep cleaning I have tried two different ways, a DIY way with a small amount of olive oil, water, and a small amount of dish soap. I put all those ingredients in a cup, put all my brushes into that cup, and one by one clean it under warm water and swirl it around a towel to get all the makeup off. Make sure to shape your brush back to its original shape and then lay flat to dry. Super simple but not my favorite method because I’ve found one too many times that I didn’t get all the oil off my brushes and then my face was just full of olive oil and makeup. It made me feel super greasy and not in the “oily skin type” way. Just actually greasy. The other method, which I love so much, is an actual brush cleanser spray from Japonesque. This is also shown above in the pictures. I get mine from Ulta in the little sections by the checkout line for $6 bucks. (You know, the area that makes you spend an extra $50 right before you’re checking out!) The bigger bottle is found in the brushes section and is about $20 I believe. I just spray some on my brushes and swirl them on a towel till the makeup is gone and let dry as well. I love this so much more because it doesn’t leave a greasy feel on my face, it takes less time to dry, and it smells like oranges. Which, who doesn’t love a clean citrus smell?! I find that it is a lot cleaner and a lot quicker which is perfect for me.

Now that I’ve told you guys all this, I’ll be going to clean my brushes! I hope you do the same and I hope this helped everyone! Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Ticha!







Beauty hacks with Coconut Oil!


Coconut oil is literally a gift from the gods!! I get compliments on my hair and skin often and no one believes me when I tell them to use coconut oil! Today I will tell you guys how I use this oil, I use coconut oil as a hair mask and as a cleanser for my face. Let’s talk about hair first.

So there is two ways you can melt the coconut oil to put into your hair and use it as a mask:

1.You can either put anywhere from 1/2 tbsp to more (I have very very thick hair and lots of it, so I use way more) of coconut oil into a small bowl then in a larger bowl put hot water in it, place the smaller bowl with oil into the larger bowl with water. Wait till the oil melts then scoop it in your hands then massage it onto your strands and scalp.
2.OR you can just scoop it straight out of tub and rub the oil in between your hands till it melts a bit and message it into your scalp and hair. Both methods give you the same results.

After you have the oil all over your hair, roots to ends, use a wide tooth comb to comb through your hair to ensure every stand is covered. Wrap your hair up and clip it then use a shower cap to hold it all in place. Then you can wait anywhere from 30 mins-2 hours-overnight. I try to leave it on as long as I can, which is normally an hour to 3 hours before washing it out. I’ve read that you can leave it overnight and I’ve tried it…let’s just say, NO! I slept with it and when I washed it out the next morning I felt like I had left over oil in my hair and my hair just felt like when you don’t wash all the conditioner out of your hair, I hate that feeling!! So I make sure to wash it out before bed.

Now when you wash it out make sure to use only shampoo to wash it out. No more or less than the amount that you use on your hair normally. Shampoo is for cleansing and conditoner is for, obviously, conditioning. Your hair is being plenty conditioned with the oil you won’t need to use conditioner. Your hair is going to feel kinda dry while it is air drying or blow drying. But let me tell you..afterwards, your hair is going to smell so good and feel so soft! Not to mention the great shine you’ll have. I used to do this once a week but now I do it maybe 2 times a month.

As far as skin! If I wasn’t so oily I would use this everyday. I use a teeny-tiny amount to cleanse my face. Remember a small amount goes a long way.  Just scoop out a small amount, rub it into your hands, and massage it into your face. Just as easy and just like your normal face wash. Then rinse off any excess oil. I use a washcloth to gently wipe off the oil. Then you can go on with your eye cream and moisturizer as usual. If you’re oily like me, I don’t use moisturizer after using oil as a cleanser because then my face would be so oily and greasy feeling. I’ve had friends with dry skin use this daily it helped so much with their flaking and dryness. So how frequently you should use it is up to your skin type. I’ve read that if you have oily skin this can clog up your pores and create some small acne. That is another reason I don’t use it all too often. Maybe once a week I’ll use it day and night. It leaves my skin feeling so silky soft and of course leaves a great smell afterwards.

Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer which is why it is so good for your skin and hair. It also stimulates hair growth so not only is the mask great for promoting healthy hair, it helps your hair grow! Who doesn’t want long healthy hair?! Coconut oil also has Vitamin-E which is essential for skin growth and keeps skin smooth by protecting the skin from cracking, premature aging, and is full of antioxidant properties.

Although I have spent many dollars on cleansers and hair masks and love those ones I have purchased, coconut oil has to be my favorite! I’ve seen the best results with coconut oil. I get mine from Meijer (pictured above) and it’s about $25 for that size but it lasts me so long! There are smaller sizes that cost less but my boyfriend uses it to cook daily so we buy the bigger size. SO, that being said everyone please try coconut oil and you’ll love your results!!

Thank you for reading guys!
xoxo, Ticha!







Today will be all about color-correcting!! It seems overwhelming especially with all the famous makeup artists going above and beyond with it. Well I’m here to tell you…IT’S SUPER EASY! Much easier than it seems and it can absolutely change the way your finished face looks! I have the WORST dark circles and bags under my eyes. It’s something I’ve battled with for most my life. No matter what concealer I have tired and no matter how many home remedies I did, I could still see the darkness under my eyes…until I tried color-correcting! Now my circles are practically gone! (At least when my makeup is completely done)  So lets start with the basics!

Color-Correcting is all about covering up little imperfections. Dark circles? Color-Correct! Got a little bit of acne? Color-Correct! Broken capillaries? Color-Correct! So let me break it down for you guys…

-Green covers Red (think Christmas)
-Yellow covers Purple (think Easter)
-Orange covers Blue (think Chicago Bears, DA BEARS!)
-Peach covers dark spots (I don’t have a fun way to remember this…my bad!) EDIT* think of a bruised peach!

These colors can also work vise versa, for example: Purple covers up Yellow as well.  If you have a little red blemish, use a little bit of green to cover it up before you put on your regular concealer/foundation on. If you have dark circles like me, use Orange or Peach. I use Orange because my circles are extremely dark. If yours aren’t super dark, try using Peach. If you have broken capillaries, depending on the severity, use Yellow. If you have some dullness in your skin, use Purple!

To perfect your Color-Correcting all you have to do is figure out which color is perfect for your needs, use it after your primer but before your foundation, and remember… a little goes a long way! Also, as you can see from my picture above, I use NYX products for my daily color-correcting. They are a great inexpensive brand that works great as well! I use many other beauty brands but we’ll get to that another time! 😉

See how simple that was! I hope this helped clarify and make it a little easier for you guys!

xoxo, Ticha!