Today will be all about color-correcting!! It seems overwhelming especially with all the famous makeup artists going above and beyond with it. Well I’m here to tell you…IT’S SUPER EASY! Much easier than it seems and it can absolutely change the way your finished face looks! I have the WORST dark circles and bags under my eyes. It’s something I’ve battled with for most my life. No matter what concealer I have tired and no matter how many home remedies I did, I could still see the darkness under my eyes…until I tried color-correcting! Now my circles are practically gone! (At least when my makeup is completely done)  So lets start with the basics!

Color-Correcting is all about covering up little imperfections. Dark circles? Color-Correct! Got a little bit of acne? Color-Correct! Broken capillaries? Color-Correct! So let me break it down for you guys…

-Green covers Red (think Christmas)
-Yellow covers Purple (think Easter)
-Orange covers Blue (think Chicago Bears, DA BEARS!)
-Peach covers dark spots (I don’t have a fun way to remember this…my bad!) EDIT* think of a bruised peach!

These colors can also work vise versa, for example: Purple covers up Yellow as well.  If you have a little red blemish, use a little bit of green to cover it up before you put on your regular concealer/foundation on. If you have dark circles like me, use Orange or Peach. I use Orange because my circles are extremely dark. If yours aren’t super dark, try using Peach. If you have broken capillaries, depending on the severity, use Yellow. If you have some dullness in your skin, use Purple!

To perfect your Color-Correcting all you have to do is figure out which color is perfect for your needs, use it after your primer but before your foundation, and remember… a little goes a long way! Also, as you can see from my picture above, I use NYX products for my daily color-correcting. They are a great inexpensive brand that works great as well! I use many other beauty brands but we’ll get to that another time! 😉

See how simple that was! I hope this helped clarify and make it a little easier for you guys!

xoxo, Ticha!


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