Beauty hacks with Coconut Oil!


Coconut oil is literally a gift from the gods!! I get compliments on my hair and skin often and no one believes me when I tell them to use coconut oil! Today I will tell you guys how I use this oil, I use coconut oil as a hair mask and as a cleanser for my face. Let’s talk about hair first.

So there is two ways you can melt the coconut oil to put into your hair and use it as a mask:

1.You can either put anywhere from 1/2 tbsp to more (I have very very thick hair and lots of it, so I use way more) of coconut oil into a small bowl then in a larger bowl put hot water in it, place the smaller bowl with oil into the larger bowl with water. Wait till the oil melts then scoop it in your hands then massage it onto your strands and scalp.
2.OR you can just scoop it straight out of tub and rub the oil in between your hands till it melts a bit and message it into your scalp and hair. Both methods give you the same results.

After you have the oil all over your hair, roots to ends, use a wide tooth comb to comb through your hair to ensure every stand is covered. Wrap your hair up and clip it then use a shower cap to hold it all in place. Then you can wait anywhere from 30 mins-2 hours-overnight. I try to leave it on as long as I can, which is normally an hour to 3 hours before washing it out. I’ve read that you can leave it overnight and I’ve tried it…let’s just say, NO! I slept with it and when I washed it out the next morning I felt like I had left over oil in my hair and my hair just felt like when you don’t wash all the conditioner out of your hair, I hate that feeling!! So I make sure to wash it out before bed.

Now when you wash it out make sure to use only shampoo to wash it out. No more or less than the amount that you use on your hair normally. Shampoo is for cleansing and conditoner is for, obviously, conditioning. Your hair is being plenty conditioned with the oil you won’t need to use conditioner. Your hair is going to feel kinda dry while it is air drying or blow drying. But let me tell you..afterwards, your hair is going to smell so good and feel so soft! Not to mention the great shine you’ll have. I used to do this once a week but now I do it maybe 2 times a month.

As far as skin! If I wasn’t so oily I would use this everyday. I use a teeny-tiny amount to cleanse my face. Remember a small amount goes a long way.  Just scoop out a small amount, rub it into your hands, and massage it into your face. Just as easy and just like your normal face wash. Then rinse off any excess oil. I use a washcloth to gently wipe off the oil. Then you can go on with your eye cream and moisturizer as usual. If you’re oily like me, I don’t use moisturizer after using oil as a cleanser because then my face would be so oily and greasy feeling. I’ve had friends with dry skin use this daily it helped so much with their flaking and dryness. So how frequently you should use it is up to your skin type. I’ve read that if you have oily skin this can clog up your pores and create some small acne. That is another reason I don’t use it all too often. Maybe once a week I’ll use it day and night. It leaves my skin feeling so silky soft and of course leaves a great smell afterwards.

Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer which is why it is so good for your skin and hair. It also stimulates hair growth so not only is the mask great for promoting healthy hair, it helps your hair grow! Who doesn’t want long healthy hair?! Coconut oil also has Vitamin-E which is essential for skin growth and keeps skin smooth by protecting the skin from cracking, premature aging, and is full of antioxidant properties.

Although I have spent many dollars on cleansers and hair masks and love those ones I have purchased, coconut oil has to be my favorite! I’ve seen the best results with coconut oil. I get mine from Meijer (pictured above) and it’s about $25 for that size but it lasts me so long! There are smaller sizes that cost less but my boyfriend uses it to cook daily so we buy the bigger size. SO, that being said everyone please try coconut oil and you’ll love your results!!

Thank you for reading guys!
xoxo, Ticha!






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