Brush Cleaning 101 !



Hi everyone! Today will be all about your makeup brushes. Cleaning your makeup brushes that is. I bet many of you haven’t cleaned your brushes before or haven’t in quite some time. I know it’s been awhile since I’ve cleaned mine! I’m going to tell you the simple ways to clean them and why it is so important!

You want flawless application and perfect makeup right?! Who doesn’t?? Well in order to have that you need to have a clean canvas, your face! Your brushes (sponges too) can hold so much bacteria in them! That being said, you end up putting bacteria onto your skin causing acne and so many more skin issues. Your pores can clog up, your skin could get irritated, and your makeup could look worse. That’s just to name a few things we DON’T want! No one wants that! This is why it is so important to wash your brushes often!

Now, the skin pros say that you’re supposed to wash your brushes after every application…but let’s be serious, who has time for that? I sure don’t. Unless you are using your brushes on other people then PLEASE wash them after every single use! So trying to be realistic, try to wash them at least once a week or every other week. If you can’t do  that, try once a month to just get into the habit then slowly start doing it more and more. Trust me, it’s worth it! But, I understand how lazy we can be or how busy we can be. But we have to remember to take care of our skin!

For those days that I need a quick clean I have found these wondrous little cleaning wipes from Sephora, shown in my picture above! I ordered them online for $7 bucks on sale months ago and I just checked, it’s still on sale for $7! Yet another great inexpensive find! Now I’ve only seen these online and never in the actual store. These are so great for in between deep cleaning because it is a milk cleanser that will remove most makeup. What I love most about these little things is that it allows my brushes to dry quickly so I could use them again the next day or for a touch up.

For the deep cleaning I have tried two different ways, a DIY way with a small amount of olive oil, water, and a small amount of dish soap. I put all those ingredients in a cup, put all my brushes into that cup, and one by one clean it under warm water and swirl it around a towel to get all the makeup off. Make sure to shape your brush back to its original shape and then lay flat to dry. Super simple but not my favorite method because I’ve found one too many times that I didn’t get all the oil off my brushes and then my face was just full of olive oil and makeup. It made me feel super greasy and not in the “oily skin type” way. Just actually greasy. The other method, which I love so much, is an actual brush cleanser spray from Japonesque. This is also shown above in the pictures. I get mine from Ulta in the little sections by the checkout line for $6 bucks. (You know, the area that makes you spend an extra $50 right before you’re checking out!) The bigger bottle is found in the brushes section and is about $20 I believe. I just spray some on my brushes and swirl them on a towel till the makeup is gone and let dry as well. I love this so much more because it doesn’t leave a greasy feel on my face, it takes less time to dry, and it smells like oranges. Which, who doesn’t love a clean citrus smell?! I find that it is a lot cleaner and a lot quicker which is perfect for me.

Now that I’ve told you guys all this, I’ll be going to clean my brushes! I hope you do the same and I hope this helped everyone! Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Ticha!








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