Perfect Matte Lips Every time!

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As you guys can see, I have all different types of shades for lipstick. (That’s not even half of my collection…πŸ™ˆ) Almost all my lipsticks aside from one or two are MATTE lipsticks. So, if you’re anything like me, you understand the struggle of maintaining soft and moisturized lips while wearing matte lipstick. So today I will talk about how to achieve the perfect matte look while not looking like a big ol’ ball of crusty dryness.

This picture to the left is what sparked me to write about this, I had posted this to my Instagram and got so many compliments and questions on how I get my lipstick to look like this! By the way, I am wearing Damned by Kat Von D. I tend to gravitate to darker shades, I feel odd and not myself when I’m not wearing something dark on my lips.

Okay, so now to actually talk about achieving the perfect look. You need to start by exfoliating your lips and using a lip balm or chap stick regularly. And I mean regularly! I probably exfoliate my lips 3-4 times a week or anytime I’m wearing lipstick and I use chap stick or Vaseline on my lips every single day, all day long. I have naturally very chapped and dry lips so exfoliating is a must!! There are a few ways you exfoliate your lips, I’ve used them all and loved the results from each way.

You can use your wet tooth brush and just lightly brush off all the dead skin on your lips. Or you can use a wet wash cloth and do the same. There are also lip scrubs you can buy and just use a little on your lips and rub it in a circular motion to get off the dead skin. But my favorite way is lip scrub, BUT it is in the form of a lipstick! It works so so well and makes my lips feel sooo soft afterwards! I get it from E.L.F. and it is $3 bucks which is even better. A lot of lip scrubs can cost $10 plus, you can’t go wrong with a product that’s $3 and works well! I love this product because I feel like it really gets all of my dryness off my lips. The fact that it is in a lipstick tube and shaped like your traditional lipstick tube makes it easier to use and hold. Plus it smells so good and it really leaves my lips feeling moisturized. Just be careful to not over do it and make your lips bleed. If you do it’s okay, I’ve done it so many times but then I just leave that area alone and make sure to really moisturize.

Once you exfoliate your lips use a chap stick that isn’t super wet feeling.I like to use the original Burt’s Bees chap stick or the peppermint one from ChapStick when I’m wearing matte lipstick. This is because I need my lips to be moisturized but the waxy texture keeps the surface of my lips dry. When you apply matte lipstick (especially liquid matte) you want your lips to be dry so that the lipstick will dry into matte or will stay matte. If it’s too wet it won’t dry and turn matte. Liquid lipstick is my favorite to use and makes up 90% of my lipsticks, so I am always using my peppermint ChapStick under and even over my lipstick when I need to add some moisture without ruining my matte look. But when I’m ready for bed I use the Coconut Vaseline because it’s thick enough to stay on my lips overnight and help me keep the moisture.

But before you can apply your lipstick you NEED to use a lip primer and a lip liner. The primer really makes a difference believe it or not. The primer ensures you to have even texture all around your lips for even application. Once you’ve done that it is now lip liner time! Now you don’t need to have the same matching pencil for every single shade of lipstick you own. For your lighter shades and more neutral shades just buy a liner that is closest to you natural lip color. The times you want to get a pencil to match your lipstick is when you’re going bold. So reds, plums, browns, anything dark really. Lip liners help keep your color from running or feathering off your lips as your day goes on. I’ve noticed the darker the shade the easier it is to feather off my lips. So please, use a lip liner! It keeps your lipstick on your lips and not on your face. It helps create your perfect lip!

So now that you have exfoliated, moisturized, primed, and lined…NOW you’re ready to apply your lipstick ever so perfectly and ready to look fabulous. πŸ’‹

I follow these steps every single time and rarely ever have to reapply my lipstick! And that’s saying something because I have gone 8 hour shifts, eating and drinking quickly on break, and working in a wing restaurant. If it can work for me, it’ll work for you guys! I hope this was helpful for you guys! Thank you for reading!

xoxo, Ticha!


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