Expensive VS. Inexpensive Makeup

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Do you ever wonder if the $45 bottle of foundation is really so much better than the $10 one? Because let’s be serious, no one wants to spend $45 on anything! So today I’m going to share with you guys when it’s okay to splurge on your makeup and when it’s okay to not splurge.

As you can see in my picture, I use products from many different companies. Some being pricier than others. This post is a little more opinion based than fact based and more on my own experiences with these products. I say this because every product works differently for everyone and everyone likes different results.

I’m going to tell you why I put products where I did and give examples as well! Let’s start with a couple small lists, you’ll notice that some things will be listed twice…don’t worry, I’ll explain!

                            Spend $$$                                                            Save $$$
 -Foundation                                                           -Mascara
-Eye Shadows                                                         -Eyeliner (liquid, gel, pencil)
-Contour Products                                                -Lip Liner/Lipstick
-Highlighters                                                         -Setting Sprays
-Concealer                                                              -Lip, Eye, Mascara Primer
-Brushes                                                                 -Concealer/Color Correcters
-Facial Primer                                                       -Sponges

I’m sure you’re happy to see that longer list is the one that you can save your money!


So as you probably noticed concealer and brushes are on both lists. I’ve used many drug store concealers before but none have worked as well for me and have been as comfortable as the name brand ones.

But because I have the darkest circles and bags on my under eyes, I need something with a better formula and better coverage. But the drug store ones worked really well when I just had a small mark to cover or a little pimple I was trying to hide.

So if you were blessed to not have dark circles then by all means don’t splurge unless you have too! Now, makeup brushes…I have so many of the same brush from so many different lines.

FullSizeRender (11)

I don’t use just one set for my makeup routine but for my foundation, concealer, contour, highlight, eye shadow, and eyebrow I use better quality brushes. For everything else, I use inexpensive ones, including sponges.

Brushes are something that I believe make a huge difference in the way your makeup turns out. My favorite line of brushes and the ones I use most are Morphe, Crown, and hakuho-do + Sephora.

I’ve noticed eye shadows and foundations just apply and blend better when they are from a higher end brand. I feel as though the eye shadows are more pigmented and there are more shades of foundation making it easier to find your match. I’ve also noticed that there are fewer breakout issues with foundation when you’re paying for better formula.

As far as contour and highlight, I have used both NYX which is about $20-$25 I believe and I just recently bought Shade and Light from Kat Von D which was about $46. So double the money for less shades. I must be crazy to like the more expensive one right?!

Well while the NYX one had more shades which is great because there is something there for everyone, I only ever used 3 shades. Now with Shade and Light, there are less shades but more product of the shades that are there.

So I’m still using only 3 shades, I have a lot more product to last me longer. Also, they are both powder products and I found Kat Von D’s blended better.

For mascaras, I have tried so many different mascaras it’s painful to think about how much I returned because I hated it. I returned ALL of the name brand, more expensive mascaras.

From TooFaced, Benefit, Smashbox, bareMinerals, and so much more. I found much better results with cheaper drug store mascaras. Like, Maybelline, NYC, and Rimmel. Which I find so bizarre.  But that’s just what works for me!


Primers, lip and eye primer I’ve noticed that both expensive and not work well for me. But for facial primers, I’ve had better results with the more expensive ones. I currently use the hydrating one form Makeup Forever and I love it! It’s meant be to universal meaning anyone can use it..I have oily skin and this doesn’t make me any more oily so I believe it when they say universal!


Setting sprays…I LOVE the matte setting spray from NYX. It’s 7 bucks and holds my makeup all day and night No scent and super light weight. I’ve tried Urban Decay, Gerard Cosmetics (got the peach smelling one and it smells awful), and Smashbox (smells awful as well to me).

I only loved the Urban Decay one but I didn’t love the price. Even the travel size one if $14 bucks. I always felt bad whenever I used it and would only use one or two spritz! With the NYX one I don’t feel bad using it as often as I’d like because of how affordable it is.

It does the same exact thing so for me, there’s no need to spend more than $7. (To be clear, all of the ones I tried worked really well as far as a setting spray goes. I’m just really picky about scents, making the NYX one that much better for me.)

Eyeliners, I only use liquid and I’ve never tried anything that cost more than ten bucks. Which is why I have it on the save list.

Brows, I have only used and tried Anastasia products and have loved them. That being said I never felt the need to try something else. Why fix something that ain’t broke, right? 😉

Blush and Lipstick, I have tried them all. From the $30 blush and lipstick to the $6 blush and lipstick. And I have to say…both are great. So why not save money where you can?

FullSizeRender (4)

Most of my lipsticks come from ColourPop and are $5-$6. I absolutely love their formulas…not to mention the price! Blush and lipstick is something I like to change everyday, so I’m so glad that I’m able to buy so many different shades without breaking my piggy bank!

I believe you just can’t beat quality when it comes to your makeup, brushes, and skin care. Which is why I am willing to spend a little extra on certain things. But again this is all based on my personal preference, not yours!

So please play around and try new things to see what you like! I hope this gave you a better idea of when to spend and when to save! Thanks so much for reading! Tell me some of your favorite products to splurge and save on!!

xoxo, Ticha!


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