My Daily Skin Care Regimen


So as you’ve read in my previous posts, I’m extremely oily. But I was also graced with that oily skin with little dry patches from time to time :l I started getting little dry areas last winter while I was in esthetic school. Now you’re probably wondering why would my skin get worse while IN beauty school? Well my friends, it’s because in the beginning of the school year (September) we went over each of our skin types/concerns. This was done for our own knowledge and because we were getting our own skin care products tailored to our personal skin issues.

I had oily skin, so I was TREATING for oily skin. So my skin got less oily and more normal. But because I was treating for that my skin got more susceptible to get dry skin. Which is why I got those annoying little dry patches in the winter time. Thankfully all I had to do was exfoliate a tad more and use a different moisturizer once a week at night during winter.

Now that I’ve been out of school for almost a whole year my skin is still oily with dry patches from time to time. The oil has gone done a lot thankfully. I’m still doing things to treat my oiliness so it makes sense to have dry patches. It doesn’t necessarily worry me. It’s just something I have to work with.

So now to what I actually use and the order I use these products in. Unless it’s really really cold and my skin needs some extra moisturizing love, this is my daily regimen. Twice a day, everyday.

1. Cleanser (sometimes twice if  I have lots of makeup on) –> Bioelements flash foam cleanser or coconut oil (I switch between the two)
2. Toner –> Repechage T-Zone Balancing
3. Eye cream –> skinfix brightening
4. Spot acne treatment –> Bioelements quick refiner and Clean&Clear persa-gel 10
5. Serum –> OleHenricksen truth serum
6. Moisturizer –> Promise Organic coconut milk facial lotion
All this helps me keep my skin clear and healthy. To the left is a picture of myself without makeup and with my everyday look. Now aside from the dark circles and wayyyy better lighting I don’t look dramatically different. At least I don’t think so… πŸ™‚

I use all these products because I now know that it’s crucial to having clear and healthy skin.  Aside from knowing why and knowing that I need this stuff I use these products because I work in a greasy wing restaurant where I’m spilling beer on myself and handling food. Because I need something to help restore my skins natural pH balance. Because I already have bags and dark circles at the age of 23 and have had them since I can remember. Because even though I have oily skin, my skin feels tight and dry without a moisturizer.

I didn’t include exfoliation (at least not with an actual exfoliating product), extraction, and masking because I don’t do that every night nor should I (or anyone) do it every day. I also use a portable high frequency machine to “zap” my acne whenever I get a small breakout.
IMG_8143When it comes to exfoliating, I don’t use a fancy spiny brush or anything special like that. I use a wash cloth everyday, twice a day when I’m washing away my cleanser. Which happens to be a form of manual exfoliation as is. So I don’t want to over do it with harsh exfoliating products. When I do use a product I use the Honey and Almond scrub I got from school. It’s not too abrasive and leaves my skin soft and smelling great. I try to do a mask at least once or twice a month. I have a few different masks that I rotate through. I have one from Peter Thomas Roth called Irish Moor Mud and from Repechage called Balance and Hydrating. But my favorite has to be the single use sheet masks from Sephora. They’re $6 bucks each and they have so many different ones that help target your specific need.

So I know it seems like this is a lot to do twice a day and a lot of products. But trust me, it works and it’s worth it! This is what works for me and it won’t work for everyone. As you can see I use many different products and all from different brands. You’ll have to find what works for you. But I hope this helps give insight and give you an idea of where to start for your skin care routine! Thanks for reading guys!!

xoxo, Ticha!







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