How I got rid of my breakout in less than a week!

So I missed my posting date yesterday and I suck! Idk what happened, it just totally slipped my mind! Anyways, I’m here now 🙂

So I wanted to share with you guys this awful breakout I had. It was so random and the onset was just so fast and out of no where. As you can see from my pics and my posts, I have really clear skin. Well last Wednesday my skin freaked out!! I’m not sure if I had an allergic reaction or if my hormones just got really out of synch randomly or what it was!! But it got kinda bad over night. I didn’t notice till late Wednesday night! All Wednesday day I was fine. Or at least I thought I was, I didn’t wear makeup that day so I didn’t really look into the mirror at my skin or touch my skin till later. I’ve been trying two new products recently so I’m not sure if it was one of the products either. I’ve been walking dogs as a side job which also means I’m outside more, so it could have been all the free radicals getting to my skin and me not deep cleaning enough. I also had a ridiculous amount of sugar intake the day of, so like I said. It could have literally been anything and not knowing really sucks cause I LOVED the two new products I was trying!
I have pictures of my process and I’ll explain how I got my skin clear and back normal in less than a week. So right away Wednesday night I went straight to my boyfriend and had him take a look. He said it looked like an allergic reaction and not acne. I had really really small bumps on the left side of my chin. So small that you couldn’t even see them from afar but it felt like sand was on my face. It felt grainy and awful. So I put my Bioelements Quick Refiner leave on gel exfoliator that I use for spot treatments. And I did my normal skin care routine per usual. Nothing different just a little more gel than normal. I woke up the next morning thinking I’d be much better and clear up over night especially cause I thought it was some sort of rash type. I was completely wrong and it got much worse. The small bumps were still there and now I had a few red and inflamed spots on my right cheek. Then throughout the day more red and inflamed spots showed up on my right cheek and even on my left side on my jaw line. Now normally when acne is on your jawline area it’s hormonal. But it doesn’t make sense for my hormones to go out of loop over night. But then again, who knows! Now thankfully I didn’t have to wear makeup till Saturday. So my skin was able to breathe which I think is a big reason why my skin cleared up so quickly.

Everyone was asking me if I was stressed and I’m always stressed but nothing crazy? I feel like I was way more stressed back when I was in school and going through other things in my life? I’m pretty good and happy with how life is going right now so I really don’t think it was stress? Again, who knows! :l
So I went out to the store and bought some Cetaphil cleanser and a Burtsbees Herbal Blemish Stick that was recommended to my by a friend. When I used this I rolled it onto a cotton pad and then dabbed onto my face. Because it has a roller ball on it, it is really unsanitary to use directly on your skin. I stopped using coconut oil for the time being cause I didn’t want to clog up my skin. So I used the Cetaphil cleanser and used my Bioelements gel and Clean and Clear benzoyl peroxide. I was slapping it on like it was moisturizer. I was also using my high frequency machine like I’ve never used it before. Which was working but then made me extremely dry. Friday my acne got smaller (you can see in the picture below) but more red and now I had to deal with my peeling skin. And I was only peeling and dry where my acne was. Which made sense of course, it was just so irritating because my t-zone, where I’m normally oily to begin with felt so much greaser than normal. Especially because of my dryness on my chin/cheeks.
IMG_8404.JPGSo I started doing the same thing, cleanser, spot treatments, but now with my Hydra Dew moisturizer from Repechage. I got this back when I was in esthetic school and I talked about it in my My Daily Skin Care Regimen  post and about how I use it during the winter months for my dry patches. This ended up working like a charm. I would slather it onto the bottom half of my face and let me skin soak it up and just gently massage the left over onto the top half of my face.
IMG_8405.JPGCome Saturday, I was terrified to put on makeup. But my skin was a million times better. I had only a few red spots and all the small ones were gone from my chin. As soon as I got off work I took off all my makeup and was sure to cleanse twice to get it all off. I started using coconut oil again then to help with the dryness and it really did help. So now I’m switching off between Cetephil and coconut oil and I’m still using my hydra moisturizer. Come Sunday/Monday my skin was practically all cleared up and I was just dealing with the dryness and one or two pimples. It’s now Saturday and I’m still a little dry and I only have one or two pimples, but they’re so small you can’t even tell. But it’s also the week before my period so it could be my “period acne”. So now I’m only using coconut oil again and still using hydra dew instead of my normal moisturizer.
I was also sure to sleep with my hair up and change my pillowcase EVERY night. I didn’t want to take the chance of a dirty pillow case or my hair making it worse. I also stopped using the two new products which were a serum by Ole Henriksen and an illuminizer by Josie Maran. I love both these products and which I could use them still, please don’t discredit them cause of my breakout. My skin is different from yours. I also started to eat reallllly food and tried to cut out as much sugar from my diet as possible.

Because i broke out so quickly and was able to clear my skin up so quickly I believe i had an allergic reaction to something. I also never get acne on my cheeks or chin, it’s always my forehead which was my trouble spot in high school. To what caused this, I’ll never find out cause I’m not willing to test those products again to see. I hated going through this and I became so insecure. I felt like anytime anyone looked at me that was all they saw. I know I was also being dramatic cause there are people with much worse cases than I had. I used to have really bad acne when I was in high school and I was on medicine for it and all. It covered my whole forehead when I was 15/16 years old. I think going through this mini breakout made me think of that time and I just remember it being an awful phase for me so I didn’t want to get back to that or ever go back to that. I’m so glad that I was able to clear this up when I did. Especially right in time for my birthday Tuesday! I’m also getting a facial on Wednesday to really just relax and deep clean my face. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a mask done and steam and all the works. 🙂

I hope this can help anyone going through a breakout or struggling with acne daily. Your skin does get better, it can be a very long process. I was very fortunate enough to be able to get rid of it so quickly. Skin care is so important and this is why I love it so much. If I didn’t have this knowledge who knows where my skin would be now. Breakouts can be such a pain but with the proper care you can kiss it goodbye in no time! I truly believe that my dieting and other things I did aside from physical skin products helped tremendously with my skin. I’m trying to keep my sugar intake low still though it’s much harder now that my skin is cleared but again, I don’t want to ever go through this again. If only our skin could send us a text letting us know what it is causing the freak out! My skin isn’t 100% better but it most certainly is BETTER! Thank you for reading everyone!
IMG_8413.JPGxoxo, Ticha!


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