How I get my makeup to last through ANYTHING!!

Hi everyone! So today I wanted to talk about the makeup products I use on a day to day basis. I wanted to write about this for a few different reasons, one being that I get asked frequently what I use because my makeup always stays put. Reason two and three are because I put my makeup to the ultimate test this week by going SKYDIVING and then day drinking/sitting in 90 degree hot and muggy Chicago sun from 1 PM-7 PM. Now let me tell you, my makeup LASTED. All day! During BOTH these events.

I can’t even begin to imagine how much and what flew at my face while I was jumping out of a plane from 13,000 ft (that’s not me being sarcastic..that was real life lol) in the air.


Skydiving on my Golden Birthday!! 🙂

Anyone that lives in Illinois knows how gross our summers can get and let me just tell you my friends and I were celebrating my birthday and we were all sweating. Head to toe, drenched in sweat. It was not fun nor was it cute lol. But when I got home around 9:30 PM I realized my makeup stayed put and didn’t move or smear or anything. My highlight was still glowing and my lipstick was still on from 11 AM this morning! I took pictures through out the day to show how well my makeup stayed!

So here’s my list for the days looks, the only difference between the two days is that I didn’t wear my lashes or lipstick when I went skydiving. Although, I did think about wearing lashes but that’s ridiculous even for a makeup junkie like me lol!! In case anyone is going skydiving and considering..DON’T wear lashes lol. Those goggles are so close to your natural eyeballs it’s insane!


-Primers: Step 1 Hydrating by MAKEUP FOR EVER and POREfessional BY Benefit
-Foundation: BORN THIS WAY by Too Faced
-Concealer: Full Coverage Concealer by NYX (in orange to correct my dark circles), Radiant Creamy Concealer by NARS, and BARESKIN Complete Coverage Serum Concealer by bareMinerals
-Setting Powder: Translucent by laura mercier
-Contour: Shade + Light by Kat Von D
-Blush: Flushed by COLOURPOP for skydiving and for today in the sun I used a blush I made while I was in esthetic school that I named sheer rose gold. We used colorlab cosmetics to create our own makeup.
-Highlight: Opal by BECCA Cosmetics

Brows: DIPBROW Pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills
Lashes: now normally I use the individual ones from MORPHE in medium but I ran out and need to order more. So in the mean time I’ve been using the individual ones from Salon Perfect in medium and long. I much rather prefer the MORPHE ones as they last much longer and are more durable in my opinion. When I went skydiving I just used: X-RATED by smashbox

Setting Spray: MATTE FINISH and DEWY FINISH both by NYX

Lips: for skydiving just Chapstick and for today in the sun I used Are&Be by COLOURPOP

So this is what I use every single day, whether I’m going out, going to work, going skydiving, etc.
Can I just say how impressed of myself and my own makeup I am? Because I didn’t reapply my lipstick or blot or touch up anything once today and I had plenty of drinks without straws and ate twice!! And as far as skydiving…I mean…if my makeup can survive skydiving I think it can survive anything!!

The only thing I will switch up is if I decide to wear eyeliner, eye shadow and I’m always changing my highlight, blush, and lipstick depending on the look in trying to achieve. I normally always do wear my winged liner but I’m feeling lazy lately, lol. 🙂

I believe the trick with keeping my makeup on is truly using setting spray. I normally only use a few spritz for normal wear but for skydiving and going outside for long periods of time I basically drench my face where it’s damp. Then I let it dry and then I’m done! I think setting powder really helps keep everything nice and neat as well. I use a liquid foundation but then everything else I use for my face is powder. So I believe using powder products help set the liquid. That’s why there’s setting powders, it’s the same concept just a different shade meant to be blend better with your natural skin tone.

Like I have stated before in my Expensive VS. Inexpensive Makeup post I love love love my NYX setting spray. It’s only 7 bucks and I don’t feel bad using so much of it when needed. It’s worked wonderfully for me so I can personally vouch for it. I mean how can I not when it kept everything in the same place after freaking skydiving!!??! And not to mention sweating all over the place in the city of Chicago!


Not to toot my own horn but look! My makeup is the same as when I got on the plane to when I landed!

Now I’m not sure if it’s really the products or if I was born incredibly blessed to not have the skin type where makeup runs or if it’s a mix of both or whatever it is! This works for me! You all know I’m oily as well so the fact that my makeup can stay on through all this is amazing!! Tell me what you guys are using to keep your makeup put! Id love to hear!! I hope everyone can benefit from this!! Thank you for reading guys!

xoxo, Ticha!


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