How to find out whats really in your products!

It’s Thursday (technically Friday morning)… Which means here’s another post! 🙂 Today we’re going to talk about how to read the ingredients and the ingredients in your products. Do you ever look at the back of your face mask and think what the hell is all this gibberish? It’s okay, me too. And I even had training on this.. So my loves, you are not alone!

When you’re out shopping for something and you’re looking for say a face mask, charcoal is all the rage right now to help really clear out your pores. So say you’re looking for a mask that has charcoal in it. You find 3 different types of masks all promoting charcoal. Well how do you know which one to get? Turn it around and look at the ingredients.

The further down the actual ingredient for charcoal is, the less there is of it in that particular mask. That mask could be 2% charcoal and they can say it’s a charcoal mask.
For example, I was at Sephora (shocking) yesterday and bought an eye mask. It’s from their line of skin care and I love their one time use sheet masks. They’re inexpensive and surprisingly have good ingredients in them. So I bought an avocado eye mask. When I got home and read the ingredients… Out of 21 different ingredients avocado oil was listed as ingredient number 14. So that means whatever was listed before that, there’s more of all that than there is avocado oil in the mask. I’m not that concerned about this particular product simply cause there are other really good ingredients in this mask but that’s a good example on how products and their companies can be misleading. Like how annoying is that thinking you’re getting a mask for it’s avocado benefits to find out there’s hardly any avocado in it.
If you don’t know what something means, just google it’s uses in skin care.

A lot of products have preservatives in them like alcohol for example. These preservatives help make your product last longer, now that sounds great but think about it, you’re putting alcohol on your skin. Now it’s not straight alcohol so you don’t have to worry about the crazy drying effects. But it’s still not the best. So that’s another thing to look for when purchasing something.

Ever wonder what’s the difference between fragrance free and unscented? You’d think they’re the same right? Wrong. Fragrance free means there’s nothing added to the product to change or mask the naturally occurring aroma. Now unscented means it’s a fragrance additive, so it masks any other chemical smells. Basically, they add a scent to cancel out any scents. But it’s still there you just can’t smell it.


I don’t have any fun pics for you guys, so enjoy a picture of my babies during Christmas. 🙂

So be careful on what you buy, do your research and you should be good! I can’t tell you how many products I’ve put down (and saved money on) because the ingredients were not up to my standards.

I hope this helps clarify some things and helps you guys understand your products a little better. These are just some tips and tricks on how I determine if something is a good product or not.

xoxo, Ticha!


Benzoyl Peroxide VS. Salicylic Acid

Happy Thursday guys!! 🙂 hope you’re having a great week so far. So today’s topic is ACNE. Not so much breakout like we talked about in: How I got rid of my breakout in less than a week!

But more so spot treating that one or two pimples that came out of no where. It can be very annoying to wake up to! I typically have pretty clear skin so when a giant zit comes out of nowhere in the middle of my cheek or forehead I get super frustrated and start spot treating like its my job!

What is spot treating? Spot treating is when you treat a specific area/spot of your face as oppose to your whole face.

Ever since I was younger and started dealing with acne I was using Clean and Clear and Clearasil. To this day I still use some of their products. I use a benzoyl peroxide from Clean and Clear (creamy thicker consistency) and a salicylic acid from Clearasil (gel consistency). On top of those two products I also use a leave on gel exfoliator from Bioelements. It contains salicylic acid as well.

So how do you know which is meant for you? Which will help get rid of the little creature on your face? (I call my pimples little creatures) Well here is where I hope I can clear this up for you!
image2 (1)
If your acne is underground, meaning there is barely a whitehead, or nothing to close to nothing to pop (even though you shouldn’t be popping, but I know we all do), if that’s the case then benzoyl peroxide would be your best bet. Sometimes these underground pimples will seem very hard to touch and kinda hurt as well. The reason benzoyl peroxide is best to treat these types of pimples is because it can penetrate your pores deeply. It gets inside the pore and kills the bacteria causing acne and inflammation. However, it can be very drying because it exfoliates the dead skin so don’t over use this product!

If your acne is red and inflamed, or a closed comedone (whitehead/pustule, think pus, whiteheads have pus, gross but good to know) then salicylic acid is your go to! It exfoliates to remove dead skin cells inside the pore and also the surface of the skin. It’s also anti-inflammatory so it helps reduce redness. If you’re sensitive this product is also great for you. Again, don’t over use this product either! This product is best used in something like a toner or gel like I have, when it’s in the cleanser it’s just not left on the skin long enough to be effective.

To simplify:
Benzoyl peroxide = deep underground acne
Salicylic acid = acne on the surface

If you get the occasional pimple or two every so often these two products are great to have in your bathroom to spot treat with. Don’t stress out and go buy all these expensive acne treating cleansers and masks. That stuff is meant for those who have consist breakouts and are battling acne everywhere and everyday. All those products will do for you is dry your skin out. No one wants that either.

I have personally used both types of treatment and they work really well for me. I have been using my leave on exfoliator from Bioelements more than anything else. I use this on my forehead almost every night and on any random pimples I get because I have these stubborn little creatures that are so small but really do add a difference in the way my skin looks texture wise. At least to me it does, so I noticed out of the three products the leave on exfoliator containing salicylic acid keep them from getting any bigger or any more popping up. Another great thing to help with spot treating is using a sulfur mask! Sulfur helps speed up the process of getting rid of your acne. Caution, it does smell awful so use carefully!
image1 (1)
Aside from spot treating don’t forget about the other ways you can do to help clear up and keep clear. Changing your pillow cases, taking off all your makeup, washing your face at least twice a day, not touching your face, washing your hands before you wash your face, keeping your hair out of your face when you can, the list goes on and on. Remember to do these and your skin should stay pretty clear! These are things that I do to help maintain healthy skin, they aren’t just myths 😉

And for you burly men who don’t like to talk about skin but are wondering what will help, these products will help you the same way they help anyone else. That’s why I love skin care so much. Because it’s so universal. It’s meant for ANYONE dealing with whatever they’re dealing with. My blog isn’t just for women, it’s for anyone who is kind enough to read and wants a little help 🙂

I hope this helped clarify the difference! Thanks for reading guys!!

xoxo, Ticha!

Why applying makeup with brushes is better than sponges!

Hi everyone!! Hope your week is going well! So for today’s topic I wanted to talk about makeup brushes. Specifically about why I use makeup brushes to apply my makeup as oppose to sponges or my hands. I still use sponges and my hands for certain things like my primer and for blending but I mainly use my brushes. There’s a few reasons why so let’s start talking about why!

-Brushes don’t absorb as much makeup as your sponges and hands do
-They last longer
-They’re easier to clean than sponges
-It’s the most sanitary way to apply your makeup
-There are so many different brushes that help you achieve so many different looks while sponges and your hands can’t achieve the same look
-They’re so pretty!! 😉
IMG_8779Now let’s break these down and talk a little more in detail…

Anything liquid absorbs into your hands and your sponges much more than they do your brushes. So you lose so much more product and waste a lot of product. There fore you waste your money.

Sponges really are a one time use thing but if you are like the rest of us you have one that you love and use every time you apply your makeup. Sponges not all only absorb your makeup they can also hold bacteria. You should be cleaning your sponges at least once a week and tossing them after a months use. Brushes can go years before having to be replaced.

Cleaning your sponges can be a pain. You never really know if it’s clean and it takes forever to dry. In the past I’ve noticed I’m too rough when I clean my sponges so it ends up tearing a little. My brushes don’t tear. What you can do is stock up on your favorite sponges so you can replace them when needed. My favorite sponges are from Crown and Sephora. When I went to the Beauty Show this year the sponges that are normally priced at 7 were only 5. I grabbed one and instantly regretted it because I had forgotten how much I love these sponges. So then I was going to order some more online but then I saw on HauteLook that they had them on there, on sale, for 5 bucks as well! So I got super excited and stocked up.


This is what I use when I apply translucent powder for baking. This is from Crown Brush.

Back to sponges holding bacteria… Think about it. Your hands grab the sponge. Then the sponge goes on your face. You might as well apply your makeup with your hands. Your hands could be so dirty without you realizing it and you could spread the bacteria from your hand to your sponge to your face. Using brushes you don’t ever touch the bristles. You hold them by the base so your brush stays as clean as possible. Think about where you store your sponge when you’re not using it. A lot of people throw it in their makeup bag and it just gets tossed around with all your other makeup that I’m sure you’re not sitting at home and wiping each tube or palette down.

Brushes come in so many different variations and types it’s nice to be able to pick and chose your own brush line for yourself. Most my brushes are Crown and Morphe but I have a few others that I can not live without. I like that you can buy sets of individuals of whatever it is you’ll need. For example, I use my eyebrow brush every single day so I would need to replace that once it starts wearing down and losing its shape. Because I use it everyday, I’d have to replace it much quicker than my eyeshadow brush because I barely wear eyeshadow therefore barely use those brushes. But when I do apply eyeshadow or my brows or my lipstick there are so many brushes out there that can help me apply them perfectly. I can’t apply any of that with my sponge or hands.
With having so many different brush options out there why not get as much as you can? Especially if you’re planning on doing others makeup. You’ll want to have many of the same brush, like foundation brushes for example. You won’t have time to clean and wait for it to dry when you’re doing multiple people’s makeup in one day. You may also find that you like the way duo fiber works as oppose to synthetic hairs, etc. There’s sooo many types of hairs used and so many different brands for you to chose from. So many different designs too, I got some brushes from SOHO because they came out with a Disney Princess and Disney Villain line and let’s be serious even if the brushes sucked ass, I still needed them in my life. To my surprise the brushes aren’t bad! I was using the brow and contour brush every day till it wore down on me. They’re adorable, work well, and are inexpensive.


Look at how adorable these Princess/Villain brushes are from SOHO. 

All of the brushes I have, I don’t consider them to be very expensive. I did get a lot of them during a sale or while at the beauty show but even regular price they’re anywhere from $5-$15 a piece. I have a contour set from Morphe that was $22 on sale and a full brush set from Crown for $10 on Hautelook. TEN BUCKS for a whole set!!! How could I pass that up? I haven’t tried very many other brush brands but I can honestly stand behind these two companies with their brushes. I use them everyday and love the finished look they help me achieve. They’ve lasted me over a year now and still have the same shape.

I also recently just bought a knock off version of the round makeup brushes from artís. I spent $40 on Amazon with shipping as oppose to $300 plus on the artís ones. I normally don’t buy knock off/super cheap things when it comes to brushes and a few other beauty products because I believe that when it comes to brushes it’s really quality over quantity. I decided to try this brand from Amazon anyways because the reviews I read were really positive and I read from more than one review that the person had both sets and truly liked the Amazon one better than the artís one. I figured it’d be worth a shot! Let me tell you I looove the set I got from Amazon which is from a brand called SanCan. I’ve never heard of this brand but these brushes have not let me down. I haven’t bought or tried the other brand and I probably never will because I can buy a lot of makeup with $300 lol. With this set I haven’t tried any of the smaller ones for your eyes yet but the ones for your face I absolutely love and use daily.

FullSizeRender (13)
I hope this helps you guys understand why it’s better to use brushes and I hope you start using brushes if you already don’t 🙂 and please don’t forget to clean your brushes!!! If you need help on how go read my blog about it: Brush Cleaning 101 ! Thanks for reading everyone!!!

xoxo, Ticha!

How I cover my dark circles in 3 steps!

Happy Thursday everyone!

So today I wanted to talk about my under eyes. If you have been reading my previous posts, I love you 🙂 and you’ve noticed I’ve mentioned how much my under eyes have bothered me throughout the years. Having dark circles is something I’ve struggled with since middle school. YES, middle school. I know that sounds absurd because how could a 5th grader possibly have dark circles? Having dark circles under my eyes no matter how much makeup I used or how much sleep I got became a huge insecurity of mine. No matter how many times I was told they “aren’t bad” it still bothers me. I’m sure I see it much worse on myself as well, but still. I hate them!

Dark circles can be hereditary, caused by rubbing the eyes too much, sun exposure, oxygenated blood, etc. Now that I’m thinking about it, up until last year I never wore sunscreen. I also am constantly rubbing my eyes like a tired 3 year old even now at the age of 24 lol. I’m also pretty sure this is something my mother struggles with so maybe it’s a combination of the three?! Who knows, all I know is that they’re dark and they’re causing me much frustration. Using eye cream every day is helping me, they’re no where near as dark as they use to be but I’m still not comfortable not wearing concealer.

When I first started playing with makeup and wearing it consistently I started with concealer, mascara, and blush. Those 3 things were always my essentials and still are to this day. I’ve tried sooo many different types of concealers, some worked well but didn’t cover up the way I wanted it too or I wasn’t happy with the formula. A lot of concealers that are meant for full coverage are really thick and sticky. They felt so heavy. I wanted my dark circles completely concealed and I wanted it to feel light weight and comfortable. I mean who doesn’t?!

A few months ago I finally found products that I LOVE and that work so well for me. It’s three different products which might sound like a lot for just your under eyes but for someone like me, it’s worth it! NYX Above and Beyond Full Coverage Concealer in Orange, NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Biscuit, and BareMinerals BARESKIN Complete Coverage Serum Concealer in Medium Golden. So here are the products I use and how I apply them!

After I cleanse, moisturize, and prime my face I use my NYX Orange Concealer and apply it heavily all underneath my eye where it’s dark. Then I spray my sponge with a setting spray and blend out the orange. There will still be an orange tint on your skin and that’s normal! Remember that orange cancels out blue, if you don’t remember go reread my first post: Color-Correcting .
Then I apply my foundation and after that I use my NARS concealer in the corners of under eyes. I do this because I feel like that’s the darkest part of my dark circles and this shade has a little bit of orange hues. I feel like I’m saying dark a lot lol. I then apply my BareMinerals concealer all over my under eye including over the NARS. I blend it all out with concealer brush from hakuho-do + SEPHORA PRO Brush Collection.
image8In the pictures below, the left is shown what it looks like after I blend out the orange and the right is after I have applied my BB Cream or Foundation before I applied the other concealers. Today was BB Cream.


Once I blend it out I the use the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder set my concealer. I make sure to set/bake my concealer heavily because that’s a lot of product on one small area and the last thing I want is my makeup setting into my lines and causing creases. BTW, that setting powder is life changing! Go buy it now!! The smaller sample size is only about 22 bucks!


Gotta love SnapChat filters lol

I then do my brows and let the powder sit on my face and I let it bake until I’m done with my eyebrows and ready to start my eyes. Once I’m done with my brows and ready to move on I brush away the excess powder using my Crown Brush. Then I finish my desired eye look for the day, setting spray, and all done!

I absolutely love the BareMinerals concealer, it’s the holy grail! I love how light weight and creamy it is. The formula is perfect. There’s a lot of product in the tiny bottle so it lasts a pretty long time! I not only use it to conceal my under eyes, I also use this product to clean up my brows. The shade is perfect and it has a bit of ash which is what is ideal for concealers. I highly recommend this concealer for anyone looking to solve their problem with their under eyes. Whether it’s just a little or you need or a lot like me.

I hope these simple steps help you as well! I know I was extremely relieved when I finally found something to work for me. Thank you so much for reading guys!

xoxo, Ticha!