How I cover my dark circles in 3 steps!

Happy Thursday everyone!

So today I wanted to talk about my under eyes. If you have been reading my previous posts, I love you πŸ™‚ and you’ve noticed I’ve mentioned how much my under eyes have bothered me throughout the years. Having dark circles is something I’ve struggled with since middle school. YES, middle school. I know that sounds absurd because how could a 5th grader possibly have dark circles? Having dark circles under my eyes no matter how much makeup I used or how much sleep I got became a huge insecurity of mine. No matter how many times I was told they “aren’t bad” it still bothers me. I’m sure I see it much worse on myself as well, but still. I hate them!

Dark circles can be hereditary, caused by rubbing the eyes too much, sun exposure, oxygenated blood, etc. Now that I’m thinking about it, up until last year I never wore sunscreen. I also am constantly rubbing my eyes like a tired 3 year old even now at the age of 24 lol. I’m also pretty sure this is something my mother struggles with so maybe it’s a combination of the three?! Who knows, all I know is that they’re dark and they’re causing me much frustration. Using eye cream every day is helping me, they’re no where near as dark as they use to be but I’m still not comfortable not wearing concealer.

When I first started playing with makeup and wearing it consistently I started with concealer, mascara, and blush. Those 3 things were always my essentials and still are to this day. I’ve tried sooo many different types of concealers, some worked well but didn’t cover up the way I wanted it too or I wasn’t happy with the formula. A lot of concealers that are meant for full coverage are really thick and sticky. They felt so heavy. I wanted my dark circles completely concealed and I wanted it to feel light weight and comfortable. I mean who doesn’t?!

A few months ago I finally found products that I LOVE and that work so well for me. It’s three different products which might sound like a lot for just your under eyes but for someone like me, it’s worth it! NYX Above and Beyond Full Coverage Concealer in Orange, NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Biscuit, and BareMinerals BARESKIN Complete Coverage Serum Concealer in Medium Golden. So here are the products I use and how I apply them!

After I cleanse, moisturize, and prime my face I use my NYX Orange Concealer and apply it heavily all underneath my eye where it’s dark. Then I spray my sponge with a setting spray and blend out the orange. There will still be an orange tint on your skin and that’s normal! Remember that orange cancels out blue, if you don’t remember go reread my first post:Β Color-CorrectingΒ .
Then I apply my foundation and after that I use my NARS concealer in the corners of under eyes. I do this because I feel like that’s the darkest part of my dark circles and this shade has a little bit of orange hues. I feel like I’m saying dark a lot lol. I then apply my BareMinerals concealer all over my under eye including over the NARS. I blend it all out with concealer brush from hakuho-do + SEPHORA PRO Brush Collection.
image8In the pictures below, the left is shown what it looks like after I blend out the orange and the right is after I have applied my BB Cream or Foundation before I applied the other concealers. Today was BB Cream.


Once I blend it out I the use the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder set my concealer. I make sure to set/bake my concealer heavily because that’s a lot of product on one small area and the last thing I want is my makeup setting into my lines and causing creases. BTW, that setting powder is life changing! Go buy it now!! The smaller sample size is only about 22 bucks!


Gotta love SnapChat filters lol

I then do my brows and let the powder sit on my face and I let it bake until I’m done with my eyebrows and ready to start my eyes. Once I’m done with my brows and ready to move on I brush away the excess powder using my Crown Brush. Then I finish my desired eye look for the day, setting spray, and all done!

I absolutely love the BareMinerals concealer, it’s the holy grail! I love how light weight and creamy it is. The formula is perfect. There’s a lot of product in the tiny bottle so it lasts a pretty long time! I not only use it to conceal my under eyes, I also use this product to clean up my brows. The shade is perfect and it has a bit of ash which is what is ideal for concealers. I highly recommend this concealer for anyone looking to solve their problem with their under eyes. Whether it’s just a little or you need or a lot like me.

I hope these simple steps help you as well! I know I was extremely relieved when I finally found something to work for me. Thank you so much for reading guys!

xoxo, Ticha!


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