Tamanu Oil: miracle in a bottle

Hello everyone! Today we’re going to talk about Tamanu oil! Tamanu oil comes from the but kernels of the Tamanu Nut Tree. It is a thicker carrier oil and can be used for many things! These things including: acne, hair, skin, face, wrinkled, eczema, dry skin, and many many other things. The reason I decided to try this was because my friend told me it would help with hyper pigmentation.

She told me she used it as a moisturizer and it cleared up her acne scars and left her face super moisturized. Within the last year or so I started getting really random bumps on my stomach. Little red bumps that didn’t hurt or itch. I don’t believe it was acne cause there was nothing to pop and they would go away within a day or two but then it would leave a really dark mark that looked like I picked at it the whole time it was there. There was a point where my stomach was covered in dark marks. It was very frustrating and made me self conscious. This went on for months and to this day I don’t know what caused it.
So when my friend told me that this oil helped her get rid of her acne scars over night I ran to whole foods that same day and bought a bottle. Thankfully it was only 7 or 8 bucks, so it’s also inexpensive for a decent size bottle which is always a plus in my book. I started using the oil every night. I would pump a small amount and dab it onto my stomach where I had pigmentation. It didn’t work over night like it did for my friends face. But it did certainly help get rid of the dark spots within a few consistent uses. It stopped on its own (thank god) randomly and I’m so glad it did.

So after that I stopped using it and it sat in my drug cabinet for awhile. But then I was extracting my nose and I focused way too hard on a certain spot and woke up with a little dark mark on my nose. It even showed a little through my BB Cream. So then I decided it was time to bust out my Tamanu Oil again. I figured why not! So I dipped a Q-Tip into the bottle (the pump doesn’t allow me to pump a small amount) and dabbed it over my nose in the problem area and went to sleep. I did this as the last step in my skin care routine. Woke up the next morning and it was GONE! I couldn’t believe it.
While I was in school I had picked the same spot on my nose and caused a dark mark and I actually picked it so hard I had a small scab on my nose. It eventually got lighter and lighter with time and peels but it was so frustrating to see everyday. Ever since then I’ve been able to see the smallest little mark. I doubt anyone else would be able to see it but I saw it and it bothered me…you are your worst critic right? Because it was so small I never thought to try it on my face because other than that I had no acne scars or dark marks on my skin. I am really glad I thought to use it this time though because it was literally gone over night!

I’m not sure why it took longer to see results on my stomach as oppose to my face but I’m not complaining! Either way, they both worked for me. Something so magical like this should be shared to the world! So, you’re welcome ;).

I highly recommend this oil to anyone that has any type of scaring on their skin. Now I only bought it for that reason, so I can’t say that it works for everything else cause I haven’t tried it. But all the other uses sound so amazing! I’m not to crazy about the smell though, it’s not bad smelling but it’s not good smelling to me either. It’s also a very strong scent in my opinion. Other than the scent I have no complaints about this amazing oil! I’ll deal with a bad scent to keep my skin healthy!!

Another plus, the oil has a natural UV protection!! Tamanu Oil is highly beneficial as an antioxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory. Unlike other oils you don’t have to worry about diluting it or burning your skin. You can just apply it directly onto your skin! I’m truly amazed by this oil and its benefits.
I wish I had before and after pictures to show you guys but I wasn’t even thinking of writing about this oil till an hour ago in the shower lol. I hope you find this post is helpful to your skin needs!! Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Ticha!


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