Forgive me guys…

There will be no post on beauty tonight. We had a very scary and traumatic day yesterday. Our little 1 year old dog, Clyde, had a severe allergic reaction to one of the vaccinations he received yesterday and almost lost his life. He had to stay over night at the vet but he’s home today and back to normal. I’ve been doing nothing but laundry and snuggling my little family. I’m so grateful he is a fighter and back to normal. Thank you for understanding everyone! I have a draft written up but I just wasn’t into it and I’m not going to share something with you guys I don’t 100% back up. My mind just isn’t in the right place to be writing tonight. So I’ll work on it this next week and have it ready for next Thursday. Thank you so much for understanding ☺️ Give your dogs (and loved ones) extra kisses tonight. 

xoxo, Ticha! 


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