My favorite eye brow products!

Hi everyone! Brows have become very popular these days. It’s one of the only things we look at. It’s everywhere! Brands are launching numerous different products, just for brows! There’s so many to chose from, gels, powders, pencils, etc. it can be very overwhelming trying to find the right one. Not to mention that there are tinted gels, clear gels, primers, you start to wonder if you really need all of this.


My Go-To Brow Products!

When I first started using brow products I was using a really creamy pencil from the brand we used in school. We got a set of eyeliners that we also used as brow pencils. I really liked it but it wasn’t as precise as I wanted it to be so I upgraded to the Brow Wiz from Anastasia. I really loved this but soon realized it just wasn’t as precise either. I then switched over to the Dip Brow Pomade by Anastasia as well. Now this I love! If comes in a gel pot and you use a brow brush to apply it. The only thing is that it can be very bold looking but it’s very precise with the right brush.

What I love about the pomade is that it lasts a really long time and you don’t need a lot of product. This product also keeps my brows in place and they last all day and night. I think this is the perfect product for anyone who has none to very little hair or have some sparse areas that need filling in. I’ve only bought this product once and it’s lasted me almost a year. I still have so much product in there as well. I have the shade Granite which is perfect for girls with dark brows because there is ash in this shade so it helps it not look like you drew on your brows with a sharpie!

Now that my eyebrow hairs have been growing more and my sparse areas have become less sparse I’ve been using a pencil from ColourPop. I absolutely love it! It’s very precise and natural looking. It goes on so smoothly. Best part, it’s $6 bucks.

I’ve never tried any powder products, but from an experience my friend had, I’m not a fan. She has a lot of natural hair already so I think the powder was just sitting on top of her hairs as oppose to touching her skin. So her brows looked very bulky, if that makes sense. Although I’ve never tried a powder brow product, I have tried to highlight underneath my brows with a powder highlighter and found that the powder made my brows look dusty? You can visibly see the powder just sitting on top of my brow hairs. I believe this is because I have so many natural eye brow hairs like my friend did.



Brow Pencil from ColourPop in Jet Set Black

The one clear gel I tried to help keep some hairs in place worked as far as keeping my hair in place but it effected the way my brow products applied and I didn’t like it. It could of just been that one brand, I’m not to sure. I also used a wax pencil from NYX that worked really well as far keeping my hairs in place, but it pulled some of my hairs out which is the last thing I need when I’m trying to grow out my hairs. I don’t exactly need any product like this so I’ve decided to just cut it out of my beauty routine.

So all in all I haven’t tried very many products when it comes to actually doing my brows. My top two favorites and recommendations would be the Dipbrow from Anastasia and the pencil from ColourPop. They have never failed me! If you’re looking for precision and long lasting I would highly suggest these two products!! Thank you for reading guys!

xoxo, Ticha!



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