Is the Beauty Blender really worth it??

Happy Thursday guys! Today’s topic will be the $20 Beauty Blender! Is it really worth $20  when there are 103838202 other versions of it for $5? The answer is YES!!!!

I have tried a few other sponges that I really liked and some I didn’t like. My favorite ones aside from the BB, are Sephora’s brand and one from Crown. I’ve been dying to try the new one from Morphe but it’s out of stock every time I look! 😦

image2 (4)

Left: Crown Middle: BB Right: Sephora

I used to think there is no way I’m spending that much money on a sponge!! That I would have to replace after a few months! But let me tell you, when you need retail therapy you just grab anything your heart desires. I picked up my first BB and my first thought was “wow, this is incredibly soft”. Which is a MUST for sponges, at least to me.

The BB blends in my concealer so flawlessly. In my previous posts: Why applying makeup with brushes is better than sponges! I have talked about how it’s better to use a brush than sponge for makeup application…I still stand by that, but for foundation. My minds been changed when it comes to concealer. I use a very creamy and thick concealer making it pretty easy to use more than needed. Which then lead me to use more setting powder to help absorb the excess makeup. With the BB I feel like it absorbs the excess makeup leaving the perfect amount of makeup on my face.

That being said, I then use less setting powder. Which gives me less of a chance of having that unfortunate white under eye look that many girls have when they “over bake” and take pictures. You all know what I’m talking about 😒 No one wants that!

So now I use the BB for my concealer and to set my concealer. I don’t like using it for my foundation as I still feel like it absorbs too much makeup before hitting my face. I end up using way more foundation than needed because of the absorption. So I’ll stick to brushes for foundation, and use my BB to conceal.

How I use my Beauty Blender is by getting it pretty wet, ringing out the access water, then blending out my concealer. You want to make sure your sponge isn’t too wet, it should be nice and damp though. It really changes the way everything applies and blends out. I also use my damp BB for liquid highlighters. It works really well blending everything without leaving patchy marks behind.
image1 (4).JPG
To clean it is so simple, I used my baby soap wash and clean my BB. It’s gentle and gets rid of all the makeup on the sponge. For storage I keep it in its original container but without the cap. I didn’t want to keep the cap on it because I use it damp, you never want to trap anything wet. Like when your clothes sit in the washer too long and smell bad. If you are going to use a sponge for anything make sure you’re cleaning it at least once a week so bacteria doesn’t grow and build on it. I also feel like the Beauty Blender is sturdier than most other sponges. I’ve ripped a few sponges by washing them but I haven’t had any issues with the BB.



So in my honest opinion, the $20 sponge is so worth it. I also love the tear drop shape sponges so maybe I’m a tad bit biased. If you haven’t bought one yet, you need to!!! Thank you for reading!

xoxo, Ticha!


How I got rid of dandruff in one shower!

Hello again  and happy Thursday! For today’s post I’ll be talking about an issue I was dealing with. I had a really dry and itchy scalp. Like really really itchy (no, it was not lice) I had never had a problem with itchy scalp growing up unless it had been a week or so of not washing my hair, I only wash my hair once to twice a week to begin with. But even then it wasn’t bad.

The reason I only wash my hair once or twice a week is 1. I’m super lazy– it takes me 30-40 mins to wash and rinse out my hair, my arms get tired 2. I don’t need a wash every other day 3. I color my hair frequently and don’t like it fading in the shower. My hair is extremely thick so it takes awhile to start showing oil and when it does I usually just load half a can of dry shampoo onto my scalp lol. Maybe that’s why my scalp is getting itchy? Too much dry shampoo on one targeted area, not enough moisture going into my hair and scalp? Not sure. But I know I will be continuing this little concoction and doing moisturizing hair masks more frequently.

image1 (3)

I used Edens Garden but any brand of tea tree oil will work.

A couple of months ago I noticed dandruff. It was small and light but having dark hair it was noticeable. I used my boyfriends Selsun Blue shampoo and although it helped with the dandruff, it smelled awful. Like cardboard. I had to wash my hair again with my shampoo cause the smell bothered me so much. So I never used it again.

The dandruff slowly went away and I forgot all about my problem. Well last week, my scalp was really itchy. Probably the worst it’s ever been. I was curious but not enough to look into it. That is until i woke up Saturday with huge chunks of dandruff all on the top of my head where I had been itching. I’m sure me scratching away at my scalp didn’t help at all with dandruff. I freaked out and instantly started searching for home remedies. I always saw mixing in oils with your shampoos but I wanted something a little more.

image2 (3)I found mixing baking soda, tea tree oil, and your shampoo did the trick! My scalp was no longer itchy after and hasn’t been till today again. But today is very mild. I used that mixture on Monday, it’s now Thursday, so the slight itchiness might be a sign that it’s time to wash my hair, again, I’m not too sure what’s causing this.

So this is not a permanent fix, but it surly is a quick fix! Here’s the recipe:
-1 teaspoon of baking soda
-2 drops of tea tree essential oil
Mix into your usual amount of shampoo, shampoo and rise as normal. A little tip, I mixed it all into a small bowl including my shampoo, it was much easier to stir it all together than if I were to try and blend it all in my hand.

Now it does make your shampoo not lather as much so it’s hard to spread around your scalp. It’s also kinda hard to rinse it all out but make sure you do and you’ll have no problems!

The reason why it works is because baking soda is a mild abrasive that cleans the scalp from bacteria and dead skin cells. Which is what causes the itchiness. The tea tree oil helps because of its anti fungal properties. It’s like exfoliating the dead skin cells off your face, but instead for your scalp.

Welp, this worked for me so hopefully it’ll work for you guys if you are experiencing dry and itchy scalp. Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Ticha!

The Best Exfoliant!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, I have found the greatest thing ever! Do you ever wonder how many dead skin cells is sitting on your face? If you haven’t before I’m sure you are now.

If you’re anything like me, you oddly enough enjoy seeing your blackheads and whiteheads come out of your nose. It’s like a little satisfying victory?
One of my best friends works at Ulta and told me about this wonderful creation: the FirmX Peeling Gel. This is a gel exfoliant from Peter Tomas Roth. She told me that she swatched it on her hand at work and her dead skin cells were literally lifting and coming off. She said her hand felt so soft afterwards and she couldn’t wait to try it on her face. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing so we went to Ulta together and we both swatched it on our hands. No joke, you could see the difference from my two hands. The hand that had the peel on it looked refresh and moisturized, my other hand looked dry and matured. My hand was so soft feeling and I couldn’t wait to use it on my face.

It’s $48 dollars at Ulta and Sephora. But it is well worth the money. I read a lot of reviews saying they have extremely sensitive skin and it worked so well for them. So don’t let the word “peel” discourage you. Do your research on ingredients, look at reviews, etc. I went home that night and immediately washed my face and tried this new exfoliant. It was magic. My skin was so soft, it looked brighter, more even, you could see that it was soft! It’s not harsh or abrasive either which is a bonus.

Now you’re probably wondering how this works? Well it has: pineapple, pomegranate, and keratinase enzymes that help peel away the dead skin and uncover a fresh and smooth new completion. This product also helps remove impurities in your skin and purifies clogged pores which also will help make you look more youthful and radiant.

the more frequently you use this, the less white little balls you’ll see. i used this last night as well so there aren’t as many dead skin cells to get rid of.

All you do to use is product is wash your face, dry your face, put on a generous amount and massage it into your face and neck. You’ll see instantly little balls of dead skin rolling up and off your face. Might freak some people out, but it’s extremely satisfying for me. You can leave it on for 1-5 minutes depending on what your skin can handle if you’d like for extra exfoliation. I’ve been using it once a week as of lately. But it says you can use it one to three times a week. I also read reviews of people using it all over their body in the shower! I haven’t done that yet, mainly cause $50 a bottle is a decent size for your face but not for your whole body lol. So I’m trying to savor this product. I had a video edited for you guys demonstrating that I was going to upload to this post, but it won’t upload cause I have to upgrade my package on here…dumb. So I tried to upload it to my Instagram and it didn’t work either, something about copyrights, even dumber.

I swatched it again on my left hand, my right hand is visibly drier than my left hand after i used this product. This stuff is seriously magical. I can’t even describe in words how fantastic this is! Worth every penny in my opinion.  🙂

Hopefully you guys will love this product as much as I do, thank you for reading!

xoxo, Ticha!