My TOP 5 highlights and why!

Hi everyone! I hope your week is going wonderful! Today I will be talking about my top 5 highlights and why they are my top 5. From the actual product, to packaging, to practicability.
So here is my list:

  • Mary Lou Manizer by the Balm Cosmetics
  • Sunlight by Cover FX
  • Champagne Pop by Becca Cosmetics and Jacyln Hill
  • King Tut by Jeffree Star Cosmetics
  • Beverly Hills by OFRA Cosmetics

My rating was from 5 to 1. Mary Lou Manizer is rated last in my top 5 because in my opinion it is more a “matte” highlighter. It’s perfect for those days I want a more natural glow. The packaging is super cute. All of the Balm Cosmetics have great packaging. This is also a good one to have because there is a mirror attached it, so I don’t have to carry a separate mirror with me.



Next is Sunlight by Cover FX. I mix a drop of it into my foundation so I have a nice dewy look all over. Because lets face it, if I could bathe in highlight I would. To use it as an actual highlight is super pretty. But it being a liquid it is harder for me blend without taking off my foundation. But it’s probably my fault because I use so much of it…lol. Like I said, I like to highlight. So the packaging is cool, it’s a little bottle with an eye droplet but there is obviously no mirror.
Champagne Pop, seems to be everyone’s favorite highlighter! It is beautifullll and I haven’t seen it look bad on any skin tone. I love this shade, the packaging, the mirror, everything about it!
I just got King Tut not to long ago and I’ve only used it a couple times but I absolutely love it. I think the shade is perfect for my skin tone. It’s just a perfect golden look that I have been searching for. It’s also massive and has a mirror.

img_0849Now finally, my number one…Beverly Hills from OFRA Cosmetics. It’s five shades in one, I love that you can chose to use one shade, three shades, or all five. I don’t use the white and pink with gold sparkles in it because I’m too dark for white highlight and I don’t like glitter in my highlights. I like to have more of a shimmer based. I love mixing the top 3 together for such a beautiful shade. It’s so pigmented but it doesn’t have a mirror.

Everything that I listed is incredibly pigmented and full of color. They all last on my face all day long. I have so many different highlighters but these 5 are my absolute favorite for my skin tone. Thanks so much for reading guys!

xoxo, Ticha!


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