Hey everyone! Happy Thursday! This week I want to talk about how important it is to take off your makeup every night before you go to sleep. I know you hear it all the time…but it is so true! Even if you don’t wash your face you should at least take your makeup off with remover wipes.

I want to talk about this because for two nights in a row I was really bad about taking off my makeup/washing my face and my skin paid the price. I haven’t gone to bed with makeup in years probably. I’ve never liked the way it felt in the morning and I really hated getting makeup all over my pillow cases. Even on my lazy days where I don’t wash my face (not proud of it) I’ll at least have taken off my makeup and used my gel leave on exfoliater and or moisturizer.

img_1197But one of my very good friends was in town for a few days and we went out after work…I was so tired and a littttle tipsy by the time I got home that I just changed and passed out full face. I’m talking lashes, lipstick, and all. LIPSTICK!! Side note: I woke up in the middle of the night and my makeup still looked good and in place..shout out to NYX setting spray and ColourPop for their extremely matte lipsticks! I felt so gross in the morning and noticed a few small pimples on my forehead and one on my cheek. Although they were small they still really bothered me. The next day, same thing, I worked then we went out and said our good byes till next time. When I got home I was just so lazy and exhausted. But I at least took off my makeup and changed my pillowcase. But I didn’t moisturize or anything. Shame on me! I was lecturing myself for a while because I know better!! But it happens to the best of us…

The next morning I washed my face and did a mask immediately after waking up to help set my skin back to normal. It’s gotten better but I’m still trying to get rid of all these little annoying pimples!


This mask is everything!

Leaving makeup on over night is so bad for you. The bacteria that can spread from your face to your pillowcase to your hair…it’s like a vicious never-ending circle that can cause so many acne issues. Thankfully I have been sleeping with my hair clipped back half up and half down, keeping it out of my face. I truly believe that helped keep my skin from completely going bonkers. I was honesty disappointed in myself because I know better and I preach it, as ridiculous as that sounds! So this post is just kinda a little story to hopefully convince you to remove your makeup every night! No matter what! I have to say I do get very lazy and sometimes don’t wash my face. But I’ll make sure to remove makeup and do my normal skin stuff minus the washing. That’s not the ideal skin care routine but it is better than nothing. You may not be removing every trace of makeup but you’re at least removing most of it.

Here’s a tip…I now keep a set of makeup remover wipes in my work bag, my car, and on my nightstand. That is all ON TOP of my normal ones in the bathroom. I know I am so lazy when it comes to this stuff sometimes, especially after a long work night. So having these wipes on hand at all times have really come in handy! I also started keeping my gel exfoliator, eye cream, and moisturizer on my vanity next to my bed so that way if I’m ever feeling lazy then I can still somehow take care of my skin! It’s these small little things that will help keep your skin clean, healthy, and clear. So please, TAKE OFF YOUR MAKEUP! Thanks for reading guys 🙂

xoxo, Ticha!


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