My Favorite Beauty Tips and Tricks!

Hey everyone!!! I know it’s been a realllly long time since I’ve posted but I’m back! I hope you guys had wonderful holiday seasons!!! Today I want to talk about my go-to beauty tips and tricks. These are things I do every day to help maintain good makeup that lasts all day.

1. Dampening my BB sponge
• Having your sponge slightly damp (you don’t want it too wet) just helps apply your liquid makeup so much easier and smoother in my opinion. You can use water or your favorite setting spray or even a facial spray. Whatever you prefer! I use water because I just personally get a better finish with water than anything else. Plus my facial spray is expensive and water is free (sorta). I kept an old setting spray bottle, cleaned it out, and put water in there. I now keep that on my vanity with my sponges so I can just easily spray, wet, and dab right onto my skin. I’m way to lazy to get up and take the 10 steps to my sink so I filled up the bottle instead, lol.
• This also really works well with liquid highlighters. The sponge is always still damp enough to help blend in that liquid highlight and give it a perfect finish.
• I also will use my damp sponge to dip into my setting powder and pat onto my undereye area. Then I gently buff it out with the same sponge. I know using something wet with powder sounds weird but trust me. This works. Idk why, it just does!
Speaking of setting powder…
2. No baking with setting powder
• I know baking was super popular and still is with makeup routines. I only ever did it on my undereyes. I would conceal, bake, brows, brush away the bake. I was starting to notice my undereyes would look a little dry. It never felt dry and never really was dry. But having that much powder sit on such a delicate area for that long made it appear dry. So I stopped “baking”. I now only apply the powder under both eyes and then lightly dab the extra away with my beauty blender right after.
• I also don’t use a lot of powder at all. I just do a light coat. For me that’s just enough to set my concealer. I no longer look dry which is a win.

3. I don’t put setting powder anywhere except my undereyes.
• Part of the reason why I don’t put it anywhere else is because when  I did, I put it on my forehead and noticed I would get small pimples a few days later. If I put it on my nose, my nose would look dryer than it is. I’ll use a light dusting of matte powder over my forehead if I’m touching up or feel just extra oily that day before even finishing my makeup. But I try to stay away from it.

4. Mixing two primers together
• I am currently using the Hangover primer from Too Faced with the MakeupForever Smoothing primer. I use one pump of the hangover primer and smaller than a pea size amount of the smoothing primer, rub it together in my hands (not completely because you don’t want it to absorb into your hands) then I apply to my face like any other primer but I focus mainly on my cheeks and nose. That’s where my pores are most noticeable. I mix the two together because I noticed when I used the smoothing primer alone (Benefits and Makeup Forevers) it made little circles around each and every single one of my pores on my nose! The complete opposite of what it’s meant to do?? Idk if it’s just me or what but it was so annoying. I learned mixing it with another primer got rid of the problem.
• When using any brand’s version of a smoothing primer make sure you really blend it out evenly on your skin. I noticed when I would then apply my foundation on afterwards it would leave a weird streaky line on my face where it wasn’t completely blended. Then I would have to spend extra time blending my primer and foundation in.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I’m so sorry again that I have been MIA lately!

xoxo, Ticha!