Silicone Sponge is the real deal!!

Hello everyone! I’ve been serioussssllly slacking, I know! :l But I just needed to talk about this silicone sponge.
IMG_5026I’m sure you’ve all been seeing it all over social media! When I first saw it I was pretty skeptical. I mean it looks just like those chicken cutlet sticky bras lol. It also reminded me of breast implants? Anyways, I read how it was more sanitary, easier to clean, and took up less makeup. But there’s no way a product like that exists, right?? WRONG. Let me tell you!! This sponge is amazing! I ordered a two pack from off Groupon for 8 bucks and gave one to my best friend to try. I’m in love! I haven’t used it to apply my all over foundation yet and I probably won’t because I don’t use my BB to apply my foundation as is… I use a brush. But I do use my BB to blend out my concealer.
So normally I make three small stripes with my concealer under my eyes. Even before that I take a lot of concealer off the wand because soo much product comes out of the tube onto the wand and a little goes a long way. So I do three stripes then blend it out with a wet BB. Well now I do ONE teeny tiny stripe and use my silicone sponge. No wetting it or anything, just the sponge. The sponge works so amazingly, it doesn’t absorb any makeup at all. This sponge blends out my concealer so wonderfully. It is also 100x easier and quicker to clean than a BB.
Unfortunately the sponge shape isn’t ideal for my inner eyes. So I just use my ring finger and tap it out. I do have one with a pointed tip and it helps a little but still doesn’t blend out the inner corner like I want it to. I still spray my BB with water and use that to apply setting powder so really the silicone sponge is an extra step. But for much less makeup I’m using while getting the same results if not better, I don’t care! Plus I’m saving money by using less makeup, which is a HUGE bonus. I’m telling you guys, buy it! It’s super inexpensive and works so well. You’ll thank me.

Thanks for reading!!

xoxo, Ticha!