Farsali Rose Gold Elixir

Hi all! So I’m sure you’ve all seen the Rose Gold Elixir all over Instagram? I first saw it on @iluvsarahii page and then slowly but surely I started seeing other makeup artists that I follow using it. Shout out to Karen though cause I would of never of tried this product without watching all her mini videos on Instagram and she’s honestly so perfect. I thought “okay, this must be good if everyone is using it?” It’s not like people were just using it for one purpose, people were using it for their lips, mixing it with their foundation, or just using it alone. After doing some research and contemplating for a few months if I should get it or not, I finally caved and got it.


Let me just say HOLY SHIT GO AND BUY IT RIGHT NOW! Sorry for the swear words, but it’s just who I am. And this product is worthy of it. So when I decided I wanted to buy it and try it they were sold out. So I put my email down on a list for them to email when it came back into stock. I got an email a few weeks later and it said they had the product but not the box it comes in. So they were offering 10% off to anyone who bought it without the box. UHM HELLO. I don’t need a box? I’ll just throw it out anyways so I went ahead and ordered it without the box. I remember I was at work on a quick phone break and I got the email, ran to the break room and grabbed my credit card to pay right away.

I received it and was so excited to try it. Before I continue with what I use it for let me start by saying I have combo skin. I’m more oily then dry and not particularly dry. My skin is also tough and can handle a lot. So I’ve tried this little bottle of perfection mixed with my foundation, alone, mixed with my moisturizer, and on my lips. So because I’m not dry mixing it with my foundation left me feeling greasy. Using it alone works really well for me once in awhile and I don’t wake up with the oil sitting on top of my face. Sometimes I wake up and the oil doesn’t absorb into my skin like a normal moisturizer would. It also works well alone when I’m out of my moisturizer and don’t want to spend the money just yet on replacing or making the trip to go get it lol. I used it on my lips and it just kind of sat on top of my lips. It doesn’t really absorb the way my other chapsticks do. I feel the same about coconut oil on my lips. I also used it to rehydrate my dip brow. It worked really well but I accidentally put too many drops in so my dip brow became too wet :/

So I tried to mix it with my moisturizer and omg that was it. It works soon well with my moisturizer. I put a pea size of my moisturizer in my hand (clean and dry of course) and then ONE drop of the Rose Gold Elixir right in the middle of the moisturizer. Then I rub it in-between my hands and massage it into my face and neck. Don’t forget your neck guys! It gives me just a little more hydration which is all my skin needs. It also gives me a nice dewy look that I love. Because I use just one drop each time so two drops a day, this little bottle lasts me forever! I just bought my second bottle and I’m not even completely out of my first bottle yet. I just like to stock up on products when I know I’m running low. Literally two drops is all I need. I think someone with dry skin could really benefit from adding this into their skin care routine. I think everyone actually would benefit from this lol.

The smell is light and refreshing. Which is another plus for me, I hate strong smelling products because I get such a headache from it. The packaging is also super simple and adorable; I’m a sucker for anything white and gold. There are little gold flakes which just gives such a glam feel to it.  Another plus is that Sephora just started selling this on their website as well. So now you can order from two different sites. I truly love this product.
If you’re wondering what’s in this and what makes it so good, I’ll tell you!
-Rosehip Seed Oil: corrects UV damage from the sun and treats fine lines and wrinkles
-Pumpkin Seed Oil: retains moisture and fights free radicals
-24k Gold: dark spots on the skin can be reduced and can help improve skin circulation
-Vitamin E: supports new skin cell growth and speeds up cell regeneration
-Lemongrass Oil: an antiseptic and astringent  that can serve as a natural toner

-Orange Peel Oil: has vitamin C which helps add a glow to your skin

I’m always so nervous to try new products because I never know how my skin is going to react and there’s so many different companies that offer something that claims to do this and that but doesn’t actually work. Always do your research! After doing my research, it was clear this wouldn’t be a regret. I’m so glad I decided to try this. I hope you guys do to!
Thanks for reading!!
xoxo, Ticha!

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