The Makeup Eraser

Hi guys! I hope your week is going good so far! Today I wanted to talk about The Makeup Eraser. The first time I saw it, I was at the Beauty Show in Chicago a few years ago while I was in Esthetic school. I was super intrigued but being in school for skin, I wondered how this could be sanitary? This pink cloth claims to remove ALL your makeup with just warm water — no chemicals or anything. It says you can reuse it hundreds of times before needing to replace it. So for about 3 years I’ve seen it at Sephora every single time I go in, wondered if I should get it, grab it, look at it, then put it back. I always put it back because HOW?? How can just a piece of cloth take off all my makeup?

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I typically use wipes or micellar water then wash my face with cleanser. Sometimes twice if I feel like my makeup isn’t completely off. But I am extremelyyyy lazy so if this will skip a step or two, then it’s worth a try.

The founder, Lexi McCarthy found me on Instagram and added me. I read her bio and saw “Founder of Makeup Eraser” I was shocked! What’s the founder of something like this doing following me?! Long story short, I reached out to her about her product and she was so incredibly nice and answered all my questions. She told me that it is anti-bacterial and that she uses it for about a week before having to wash it. She also told me that she uses it in portions. So she’ll wet a corner or so and use that part to take off her makeup as oppose to wetting the whole thing and using the whole thing at once. I thought that was a neat tip because that would certainly help with the you get more uses out of it before having to wash it.

Lexi also mentioned how it’s so much better for your skin than a normal wash rag. Which is what I use to wash my face. I use it every day and night and typically replace it after 2-3 days. The Makeup Eraser is woven with fibers so, that and the material it is made of is what helps remove makeup. It is made of 100% polyester.

During our conversation, she was so kind as to offer to send me one for me to try out! I was sooo excited to receive this and try it. I opened the box up and inside was a personalized note, The Makeup Eraser, and their own silicone sponge! I had no idea I was getting the sponge as well so I was even more excited because if you guys follow me, I just wrote about my love for the silicone sponge. I also love personalized notes, so already, I’m in love with the packaging and how sweet Lexi is. There are so many great products out there that unfortunately do not have great people representing their products. Lexi is the complete opposite and I’m so glad!

So now, the review! Like I said, the packaging was simple and cute. It’s pink. I love anything pink. It does come in different colors though. I might just go pick one up in black as well. So I finally had makeup on and so eager to try this. I started by wetting it with warm water then just rubbed it in circular motions all over my face, like I would a makeup remover wipe. Sure enough, it took off my makeup!! I was so shocked at how well this worked. Its sooo soft and felt so nice on my face. So nice that now when I do use my normal wash rags it feels so harsh compared to the Makeup Eraser.

image1 (5)

So after I finished my whole face I did a little test and put some micellar on a cotton pad and rubbed that all over my face. I did that to see if my makeup was really off or if it just seemed off. I know that one makeup wipe doesn’t take off your makeup completely. Guess what?!? My makeup was gone! There was some brown on my cotton pad but I’m 99% sure that’s just dirt on my face because it wasn’t the same brown my foundation is. If any of you use those exfoliating wipes you know what I’m talking about.

So all and all I love this! I’ve used it 4 times this week but I always washed my face after. I’ll probably toss it into the wash after one more use. I have it hanging on my towel rack next to my shower and I think it’s perfect for the shower. So many times I’m in the shower and wishing I would’ve grabbed my wash rag so I can at least remove most my makeup with some water in the shower. Although it did take off all my makeup, I will always still cleanse after because as you can see from my photo, it took off my makeup but didn’t completely clean my skin. Sometimes I wear so much makeup and I really need a deep pore cleanse which my cleanser gives me.

Do I think it’s worth it? Yes! I think you’ll all love this little face towel. It’s so soft and just feels so amazing on your skin. Thank you so much again Lexi for being so generous and sending this to me! Thank you all for reading!!
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