The holy grail of spot treatments!

Hello everyone! Hope you guys had a great Easter weekend! Today I wanna talk to you guys about a perfect spot treatment. Mario Badescu has this little bottle that has what looks like pink powder on the bottom and some clear liquid above it. This little bottle cost $17 dollars which is super affordable and long lasting seeing as how you wouldn’t use it daily or a lot of it when you do use it.
So what is a drying lotion? Cause to be honest when I first saw this I was like… lotion is suppose to moisturize? But this is drying? What??? I never did anymore research on it but I just knew I wanted to try it whatever it was lol. I love Mario Badescu and all their products that I’ve tried so far so I was even more tempted to try it.
Drying lotion is a fast acting spot acne treatment. Spot treatment means you apply the product to that one pimple or a couple little pimples, not your whole face.
This product contains salicylic acid and calamine. To read more on salicylic acid, click on this: Benzoyl Peroxide VS. Salicylic Acid. Here is there entire ingredient list:
Calamine is meant to calm the skin. Sulfur is also great for acne. It smells like complete shit, but it works so well I just deal with the smell. This drying lotion certainly has a slight sulfur smell but it’s not overpowering. It’s almost like a minty sulfur smell? Anyways, resorcinol helps disinfect the skin and helps fight infection. This product has great ingredients and it truly works.

I went to Ulta and they have this little “travel kit” including their rose facial spray (which is life) and this drying lotion for $22 bucks. The facial spray is a smaller size but the drying lotion is the actual size. So not too bad of a deal, decided to get it. All you have to do is stick a q-tip into the very bottom (DO NOT SHAKE) in the pink stuff and dab that little bit onto your acne. Don’t double dip your q-tip. Just use the other end if you need more. But honestly, you get so much off one little dab, you should be fine. You’re supposed to sleep in it over night but sometimes I just use it during the day before I have to go out or do anything involving seeing other people.

 This seriously works so quickly. My pimples have literally gone down in size and redness within just hours. I’m currently dealing with a nodule on my cheek, acne nodules are large and hard painful bumps under the skin. You know those deep down pimples that hurt without touching them and they’re so big? Well I got one last Sunday and it came out of nowhere. I used this drying lotion almost every night from Sunday-Wednesday and it went down in size significantly each night. Now it’s been an official week and it’s still there (annoying) but almost gone. I wish I would of taken a picture of it before when it first popped up :/. It’s now the size of a normal pimple and doesn’t hurt. Then on the following Sunday I got another one, not as big or painful but still big and painful. I used the drying lotion once that Sunday night and it went down immediately. It’s so small now and just my normal foundation covers it up. I do have pictures of this one for you guys to see the difference (I think I’m getting all these small breakouts because I just switched birth control for the 1000th time and I think my body is just trying to get used to all the hormones)

This is the perfect spot treatment. Idk anything else that will shrink my pimples within hours. I highly recommend this product to everyone! It says it’s meant for all skin types which is great too. It’s very gentle, I don’t feel like anything is on my face when I’m wearing it. I often forget it’s on. I remember I had a random massive pimple on my forehead, I threw some of this stuff on and threw a hat on, went out and ran some errands, within 2 hours it was almost gone. I feel like something like this can’t exist but I promise you it does and it’s real. Idk what kind of magic is in this but it’s perfect and I’m obsessed. The first picture below is from this past sunday, then same day but after an hour with the drying lotion on, then monday, and the final picture was last night on wednesday. You can see the huge difference from the first and final picture.

Everybody go try this little magical thing! And as always, thank you for reading!
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