My updated Skin Care routine AM and PM

Hello everyone! Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve posted… I promise I’m trying to be better!! But it’s been awhile since I’ve done a post about my skin care routine itself. Actually it’s been a little over a year. You can find it here. So some of it has changed, some hasn’t! Most of it has changed lol. I love and hate trying new skin care products because any small thing can make your breakout and you’ll have no idea what ingredient it was. Since I’ve broken out from a few things I’m always super scared to try new skin stuff. I always read the reviews on them from their site and other sources. For example I order most my stuff from Sephora so I go through all the reviews and look for the bad reviews to see why. I’m here today to share my updated routine!

So now my skin care routine is much longer and involves many more products than before but it’s all worth it.

  1. Wash my face with Flash Foam Cleanser –> Bioelements 
  2. Spray my entire face with Facial Spray –> Mario Badescu in Rose Water or Green Tea 
  3. Eye cream 5 in 1 Eye Cream –> First Aid Beauty
  4. I take a cotton round and soak it with Glow Tonic –> Pixi by Petra
  5. Apply my spot acne treatment wherever I have blemishes, Quick Refiner –> Bioelements 
  6. Buffet Serum –> The Ordinary and Water Bright Illuminating Serum –> H2O Plus
  7. Another spot acne treatment if needed, Advanced Retinoid 2% –> The Ordinary
  8. Then finally moisturize with Coconut Milk Facial Lotion –> Promise Organic with 1-2 drops of Rose Gold Elixir –> Farsáli 

Now the PM is pretty much the same except I do a few other things. One of them being that I obviously take off my makeup. 

-I use Micellar Water from Garnier to take off my makeup  before cleansing. I typically end up using two large cotton rounds to get it all off.
-I also add one other wipe also from First Aid Beauty, Facial Radiance Pads. I do this before step 4.
-I add in an extra serum or 100% Organic Cold Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil. The other serum my best friend made for me and it’s heavenly, it has great oils and other things that are benefit the skin. I love these two products so much because I know all the ingredients in it. It’s just so simple. I do this after the other two serums, step 6.

So I know this is a lot and it all seems crazy! But my skin is tough and not sensitive so I can handle a lot of these stronger items with no issues. If you’re more sensitive, you shouldn’t use some of these as frequently as I do! Always do your research and start slow with the stronger stuff. Use it once a week, then build it up if you want when it comes to using retinoids and exfoliaters. 

I have a few other things that I use every once in awhile or when I have a massive random pimple. The Mario Badescu Drying Lotion is a great example! I use it anytime I get even just one pimple and it helps tremendously. 

So if you read my last post about my skin care routine you’ll notice I still use the same cleanser, spot treatment, and moisturizer. These have my staple go tos. They never let me down. I haven’t changed much, I’ve more so added more things to it. All these extra things I do help keep my skin healthy not just on the outside but deep down, under the surface as well.

Skin care is so important and is becoming more popular thank god! If you have any questions please feel free to ask! Before trying anything new I always recommend reading the reviews and following all the instructions. They are there for a reason.

Thank you for reading!!!
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